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In this article we will focus on such terms as magnet link. What is this, you'll learn by reading the article until the end. Also, you will learn the device of this reference, and the method of its application.

What is a magnet link?

magnet link what is

Magnet-link — what is it and how to work with it? It's very simple, even more so if you are a long time working on the computer, then most likely you are repeatedly confronted with references of this kind. But even if not, now you will find all the answers to the questions.

Online at most — this environment of information exchange. You are used to consume information from it by reading or viewing any materials. However, under the term "consumption" is great and uploading files, because every file contains some information.

Most Often the downloading of the file looks simple, you press the "Upload" button on the website and in the browser, in the section “Download” appears the download file. However, there is another method, not using the browser, and using a torrent client. What torrent client initially starts loading after receipt of the same magnet-links.

In Simple words, magnet-link — this is a common code, which in itself carries various information about a file: name, size and so on. These links work with torrent clients, and one cannot exist without the other. It is the file with the extension .torrent carries a magnet link.

Programs for work with magnet links

Now, we all know what a magnet link how to open it, speak now. We have already mentioned that you will need a torrent client, but briefly. Now let us examine this issue in more detail.


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magnet link how to open

Initially talk about DC clients. One of the most popular — it EiskaltDC++, FlylinkDC++, or GreyLink. Work with them proceeds as follows:

  1. On the Internet you get a magnet link for the necessary file.

  2. Copy it.

  3. Introduce her to the DC-client.

  4. The Download starts.

As you can see, the algorithm of actions is simple. In EiskaltDC++ input reference occurs on the way “File — Open a magnet link”, but there are hotkeys: Ctrl+I. In the remaining two clients: “File — Entering magnetic link..." or Ctrl+M.

After the done manipulations in the DC client open magnet-link what download and as it happens, I think, no need to explain.

In General, torrent client open occurs in a similar way. But their advantage is that they do not need to configure, they are immediately ready to work. But the disadvantage lies in the low loading speed. You decide which customers to use.

Client configuration

We have already mentioned that magnet link to torrent includes code that the client needs to be configured. Now just talk about it.

A setting of something difficult is not, now you will see for yourself. Even more, in most cases it is not needed, but still worth telling.

magnet link is a

It is best to first make a client associated magnet link. "What is it?" - you will ask. Nothing complicated, just the links will automatically open in the client. To do this, go to settings and find the tab “Total”. Here search for the string “to Associate with magnet URLS" or something like that and put a tick. In that case, if the box is unchecked, then the Association is not necessary.

You Also need to enable DHT. Everything is simple, find the row and put a tick.

You Can also in the same tab, to pave the way by default, which will load all the files. If you don't want to do that, the folder itself will be selected.

Working with links in the browser

It's time to tell you how to work with links in browsers. In principle, nothing complicated about it.

magnet link to torrent

  1. Firefox. As soon as you try to open the link, a window will appear. In it you will be prompted to specify a program to open the links. If you have more, then select and press “OK”. Also note the string “Remember my choice”, so that next times this window does not appear.

  2. Internet Explorer. In the browser, a window will appear, and only in him now I will ask you permission to use with links of this kind. Let! Also, if you don't want to do data manipulation each time, you can remove the check mark from row "Always ask before opening this type of address”.

  3. Google Chrome. The algorithm of actions is the same as in Explorer, only the checkbox "Remember my choice”.

  4. Opera. Here everything is more complicated, you must log on to “Menu”, then “Settings”, choose "General settings" on “Advanced”, go to “Programs” and click “Add”. There will be a string “Protocol”, it is necessary to enter the “magnet”.

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