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Every computer user is faced with this problem, as problems with the network. In this case, all immediately run the diagnostics program the network to ensure that it independently found the problem and fixed it. However, this is not the only way to deal with the problem. Now we will talk about the most mundane and simple although, at first glance, it may seem quite different, but initially it is necessary to understand.

This article will focus on the command line, or rather — about the commands that help troubleshoot network. All, of course, will not be listed, but we will cover the basic, like all the ipconfig, ping and tracert. Well, now everything in order.

How to display the command line

As mentioned above, to enter ipconfig all the necessary utility such as command prompt on Windows. On other operating systems such as UNIX, this command is also present, but more on that later.

To open a command prompt, you can use a variety of ways. Listed be everything to everyone found.

  1. The Most common for an avid Windows user sequence of actions on opening the command prompt via the menu “start”. To do this, enter the menu and go to the “All programs”. There, spinning the mouse wheel down, find the folder called “Standard” and in it find that the utility “Command prompt”.

  2. The Second method is much faster than the first, but may be far from the computer people did not understand. But click “start” and on the sidebar, find the line “Run”. After clicking, a window will appear in the lower left corner of the desktop. In the input field write "cmd.exe” and click “OK”.


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  3. If for some reason you have not found the “Run”, the third method specifically for you. Instead of a fruitless search just press the hotkey Win + R and coveted window will appear. Well, then you know what to do, to type in the string “cmd.exe” and click “OK”.

Command prompt is open, this means that you can start looking at all of the ipconfig commands, ping and tracert.


First in line and importance is the command ipconfig. If you often face problems with the network, the command you need to know from A to z, as it will help you to find the causes of problems, to analyse them and to prevent.

ipconfig all

Entering this command, you will see all the information about the IP address of the PC, and will also be affected by DHCP, DNS, gateway, and subnet mask. Of course, you can ask a reasonable question, but what to do with this information next? Yes, after entering the command ipconfig or ipconfig all problems themselves are not eliminated. However, you will be able to understand what exactly is the problem.

For Example, if the screen shows that the gateway is you have, then you know that the problem with the router.


Ping is the second most important command that is used to resolve network issues. It fits into the case when it is necessary to check all connections between the node and its purpose. Thus, it is possible to find the area that causes problems.


Typing this command and pressing Enter, you will see the status of the router. Still will be checking in four times with a detailed description. In the event that answers to queries will not be, you know — a problem with the network card.


Tracert — this is another important command. To this article was incomplete. Now consider it in more detail.

linux ipconfig

This command is used in order to follow completely all the way you send data. This command displays on the monitor a list of all transit points, which include the data before reaches a place. After analyzing the information, you can find out at what point your signal is cut off, and to figure out what to do next. Usually the items in which errors occurred are marked with the symbol “*”.

Here, in principle, and all that I wanted to tell. As mentioned in the beginning, the ipconfig command is present on UNIX-like systems such as Linux. However, the line to enter will need to not ipconfig, and ifconfig. Of course, the interface itself will also differ from the “Vindovsky”, but the fact is the fact — ipconfig Linux supports.

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