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Today we decided to tell you what a great game, "My shop”. In fact, it is a business simulator, and it has a very large number of different opportunities, which you can learn immediately after installation. In this article we decided to tell the beginners about how to start playing this interesting application. Also you will discover a lot of interesting secrets for quick passage. You will be able to learn how to play "My Shop” not on the phone, and using a personal computer.


recipe coffee Bavarian in the game coffee shopCurrently, “Play” there is a very large number of games of different genres. But for those who want to plunge into the most incredible business simulator, and create your restaurant, we recommend you to consider it today described development. You can easily declare that the game is one of the most popular currently, it has a lot of good reviews from users around the world. As you probably already understood, your main task will be customer service who will look into your establishment. You can buy coffee bavarois in the game “Coffee”, as this drink is one of the most popular.


coffee Bavarian recipe in the game coffee shopMany users, who have never had to play, frequently asked question, how is this development different from others like it, and why she has such a high rating and popularity. In fact, the creators of this application have made great efforts to implement special functionality and promotion. Recipe coffee bavarois in the game “Coffee” should study one of the first. In this business simulation you will play the role of a simple housewife small establishment. The main objective is the development given to you at the coffee shop. In order to begin the growth, your task - to efficiently serve walk-in customers and communicate with them on various topics.


coffee Bavarian in the game coffee shopYou will not only learn the recipe for coffee bavarois in the game “Coffee”, but also to do different things around the school. Almost all - from appearance to cooking different sweets for their visitors. Naturally, your business will flourish only if you'll learn new recipes, as well as to perform all the duties. Some visitors will share with you various news in town, all your customers need to be friendly, otherwise they can once and for all to quit the coffee shop, and lose your customers you will in any case impossible, especially in the early stages of development.


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Today we will learn how to make coffee bavarois. The recipe in the game “Shop” will be available only when a well establish your business. You will know a large number of variants of tea and various sweets. You will be sure to communicate with visitors, as some of them can give you good advice, for example, design and decoration of cafes, placement, and even share new and unique coffee recipes. For good communication you can get additional reward, and this is a significant advantage for your business.


game my coffeeRecipe coffee bavarois in the game "Coffee shop" for you is not available at lower levels, so you need to work hard, then you will be able to get a description of this wonderful drink. Profits your coffee shop will increase significantly. At the beginning of the game you have to choose the technique for your coffee shop, as well as furniture. Right at the beginning of the interior will be a little, but you will need them to set properly and comfortably for visitors. As we have reminded you before, gradually with each level you will have new opportunities, will also be the addition of visitors. After passing through several stages, you'll be able to notice that you simply will not have enough time to service all the incoming, so you will need to hire new employees who will help your business to develop. The choice of candidates should also be treated carefully as possible, as some of them may not properly perform its work, and this can greatly affect the reputation of your coffee shop. Recipe coffee bavarois in the game “Shop” will be described later. After each mileage level you will be given some upgrades. For example, can be obtained a new prescription or an object for the interior. The game developers had created a large number of levels and the further you go, the more interesting becomes the story. So, to get the coffee bavarois, in us adding the chocolate syrup and add lemon and grated chocolate.

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