Motherboard MSI 970A-G43: review, testing and feedback


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Many potential buyers are very interested, as a regular motherboard of a low-end MSI 970A-G43 managed to win over many users? After all, the budget segment of the devices has limited functionality and rarely come to the attention of advanced users and gamers. Outlined in this article, the review, testing and feedback will help the reader to get acquainted with the novelty and find out what's so special about a cheap motherboard.

MSI 970A-G43

Interesting approach to the customers

The fact that the motherboard MSI 970A-G43 belongs to the budget segment, says only the cost of the device (6000 rubles). Other factors (form factor, functionality and equipment) are common to all system boards a more expensive class. Of course, any potential buyer will have doubts about the quality of such a unique device, because to reduce the cost the manufacturer somewhere cheated and violated production technology.

Professionals in the it field think otherwise, in their reviews they claim that such products must be considered from a different point of view. All motherboards manufactured in the factory and delivered to world markets, have a quality certificate, and hence fully functional. Reduction in cost of the device could occur as a result of the failure of the old technology and redundant components. Or Vice versa, the manufacturer has assembled the motherboard, using the old parts.

First design

MSI has always loved to stand out in the market among the competitors. On the packaging of graphics cards, the Taiwanese manufacturer posting a photo of the dragon, and on the box with the motherboard shows the chip. A rather strange approach, because many buyers would be more interesting to contemplate photos of the device and its functionality. Box has a huge size and slightly weighty. Naturally, there is a lot of thought before opening the presence of gifts from the producer inside the package.


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motherboard MSI 970A-G43

Budget-class motherboard MSI 970A-G43 ATX hints equipment. It is very poor and uninteresting. In addition to the device itself, the box contains discs with drivers and software, instructions for installation and setup and a lot of literature of an advertising nature in the form of small booklets. In the paper the user will also find a protective grid for the panel interfaces. During the installation process, it is necessary to be extremely careful as it is made from low quality metal and has cutting edges, which easily cut his fingers.

External review system devices

The Motherboard is ATX format, and this is good news for all users, because in this form-factor devices have a maximum of functions and are not deprived of needed expansion cards. A large area of the brown PCB of the device MSI 970A-G43 AM3 contains really a lot of interesting connectors. Also catches the eye of a large number of electrolytic capacitors (their presence is one of the criteria that influenced the reduction in the cost of the motherboard).

MSI 970A-G43 review

It is Worth noting that on the market there are two versions of this device. The only difference between them is the labeling and appearance of the PCB. So, the more expensive version has in its name the word Plus instead of the brown color of the PCB manufacturer used the black color. Technical specifications are no different. As noted by the owners in their reviews, the beauty of the motherboard in black is misleading, as there is almost no marking for connection of power cables and accessories.

Features integrated panels

Unlike the product from Intel, the motherboard MSI 970A-G43 SocketAM3 does not contain the embedded video. Marking G43 has no relation to the integrated chart – a normal match. On the back of the device, the user will find two old PS2 interface to connect the keyboard and manipulator. Also, the manufacturer has installed a seven-channel audio system and made 6 exits to connect expensive speakers. Like users and a large number of USB-ports. However, only two pins are intended to connect devices with interface USB 3.0. The rest of the old USB 2.0 connector. The lack of Thunderbolt ports, eSATA, FireWire, LPT and COM are hinting to the owner that the motherboard of the budget class.

Hint gaming

Fans of the dynamic resource-consuming games have noticed that on the motherboard MSI 970A-G43, a review of which is made in this article, there are two PCIEx16 slot and marking CrossFire near them. Yes, budget representative supports the installation of two discrete graphics cards. And this fact, of course, can not please all potential buyers.

MSI 970A-G43 AM3

However, the manufacturer did weird expansion cards PCIex1 and PCI. When you install two video cards, all the expansion slots are blocked by the cooling system adapters. Only one PCIex1 interface will be available to the user as posted above all the expansion slots. This is a huge disadvantage of thisthe motherboard and needs to be considered when purchasing the device.

Solid interfaces

The Rest of the device is very easy to connect to the motherboard MSI 970A-G43. Owner reviews in the media claim that access to expansion cards, USB, SATA controller, and contacts the control panel does not overlap any graphics card or its cooling system. And if control panel and connect the expansion card USB is a one-time action, with SATA ports you have many users work more often. The manufacturer has established two normal SATA III chip near the South bridge, and 4 interface positioned at an angle of 90 degrees and carried on the end of the motherboard. In the computer case they will be in the area of location of the recycle bin for hard disk drives. The huge size of the motherboard doesn't have room for an IDE connector. This is an obvious flaw, given the fact that modern interfaces eSATA and FireWire is also absent.

Support upgrading

Any upgrade of the system always begins with increasing the amount of RAM. All owners of motherboards MSI 970A-G43 is nothing to worry about, because the manufacturer installed four expansion slots DDR3, able to work in dual channel mode. Mounted tire on a hardware level supports the operation of all existing on the market of memory modules, including ultra-fast memory with a clock frequency of 2133 MHz.

MSI 970A-G43 reviews

The only manufacturer modestly, that the maximum amount of RAM supported by the system, should not exceed 32 gigabytes. Professionals in the it field claim that the more a software limitation than hardware. Accordingly, in the future, the manufacturer may release a new BIOS firmware, which will remove the restriction.

Processor Support

System Board MSI 970A-G43 supports all existing on the market of modern processors. The only drawback, which is worth paying attention to enthusiasts toys – lack of support for Hyper-Threading technology. In fact, this demonstrates to the buyer that the compatibility of certain processors with the motherboard are limited, respectively, before buying you need to check the information about the product on the official website of the manufacturer.

MSI 970A-G43 overclocking

There are questions to technologists MSI and installation of the cooling system of the crystal. Pad SocketAM3 at first sight it seems spacious, but many owners in their reviews complain about the impossibility of installation of advanced cooling systems. All because of electrolytic capacitors that do not allow the radiator to properly accommodated in the slot socket. Variants here a little: to change the cooler or desoldering the capacitors and solder the new one with extra long legs (the capacity can be folded away to the side).


Fans of the performance can not worry about failures and damage motherboard MSI 970A-G43. BIOS device not only has a backup system, but is able to adapt to user actions thanks to intelligent power distribution. To ensure integrity of data on the BIOS chip manufacturer used the technology M-Flash. However, it will have after purchase of the motherboard to sacrifice one flash drive on which you want to record the settings of the underlying system input-output. In General, the BIOS is impeccable and will appeal to all advanced users.

MSI 970A-G43 SocketAM3

Is There a gunpowder in powder flasks?

Performance Increase own forces requires a separate review motherboard MSI 970A-G43. Acceleration many beginners imagine a specialized application in which the power system is increasing as a result of movement of the sliders up on the control panel. Some users looking for the same sliders in the basic system input-output. Nothing in this motherboard and never will be.

Personally Overclocking can be accomplished in just two ways: to raise the bus voltage or increase its frequency. In rare cases you can increase the multiplier of the CPU, if this function is not locked by the manufacturer. In the motherboard MSI 970A-G43 performance increase is required, but all actions the user performs at your own risk. The problem is that in the BIOS there is a built-in utility to test the system for stability without loading the operating system, there is only monitoring, which is of little help to the user when overclocking.

In conclusion

Budget motherboard MSI 970A-G43 has a pretty interesting furnishings and functional. The manufacturer has created a multifunction device that should appeal to a wide range of buyers. First of all gamers should pay attention to the product, because in addition to support work with two discrete video cards in CrossFire mode, the Board has 4 slot for memory modules and combined with many popular processors. Do not forget about the 6 SATA ports III and the PCIex1 slots, which you can use to install NAND SSD drives.

But for home users and office segment motherboard will be less interesting. Blame the lack of integrated video card and expansion cards to connectthe periphery. Also, the installation of the device requires a corresponding ATX case that the computer market is clearly not in the budget segment.

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