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A Motorcycle is a performance largely inferior to the famous European and Japanese brands. However, they remain popular in rural areas and among lovers of the classic domestic products. The same technique is exploited also in the neighboring countries. Can often be found on the roads tuned version of the last century. Consider domestic models that are produced now, as well as their features.

motorcycles Russia


An Overview of Russian motorcycles let's start with new and not very known brands of “Stealth”, which is actively developing. This series includes the following models:

  • Several years in Russia mastered the production of motorcycles “Stels 600 Benelli”.
  • 400 series of this manufacturer has a high quality indicators, characteristic for light of the city of modifications to the jumper's exterior.
  • “Stealth Flex” – classic road bike.
  • Series Units, Primarily with engine capacity of 200 cubic centimetres are a dynamic transport, which is easy to design and affordable price.

Motorcycle «Ural» with a stroller: technical features

Modification “Tourist” from the Ural manufacturers refers to the classic three-wheeled machines. Heavy machinery is equipped with a side car, high driving performance and technical performance.

As the power unit uses four-stroke engine with a pair of cylinders, which has a volume of 750 “blocks” and 45 horse power forces. Box shifter has four ranges, including reverse. Motorcycles Russia under the brand name «Ural Tourist” are equipped with drive wheel with the propeller shaft brake system includes a front hydraulic system with discs and rear brake drum. The seats are separated from each other, have dual adjustment parameter. Heavy bike is equipped with a microprocessor system of ignition and a number of foreign nodes. Speed threshold – 120 kilometers per hour.


"IZH 350 Planeta Sport" – frisky Soviet bike

It is believed that of the entire line of Soviet motorcycles "IZH" truly sporty just one. It is easy to guess that it was "IZH 350 Planeta Sport".History motorcycleIn 1973 the factory "Izhmash" was made a real breakthrough: the line went down the fir...

How does the rear bushing front arm and how many it serves?

How does the rear bushing front arm and how many it serves?

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Oil consumption in the engine. Six reasons

Oil consumption in the engine. Six reasons

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Ural motorcycle with sidecar specifications

«Ural Sportsman”

The Production of this modification started in 2006. The unit is based on the model of “Tourist”. It is equipped with all-wheel drive and a lateral trailer. After connecting the wheels of the stroller, the car gets a higher throughput.

The Other nodes and blocks are typical for most «Ural». The movement of the bike causes four-stroke two-cylinder motor, the power is 40 horse-power with volume 745 «cubes». Their other settings include 19-inch wheels, an electric starter, side trailer. The stroller is made of heavy gauge steel, equipped with quality shock absorbers Sachs. On the trailer provided by the presence of the windscreen.

«Ural Retro”

Modernized modification, which mimics the classic model of the mid-twentieth century. This emphasizes the handlebar shape, the fuel tank is in the form of drops, round light element in the back. Such unique elements was characteristic for that period.

The Original gloss on this motorcycle gives a black finish, the bike is equipped with seats upholstered in natural leather. The final touch is the handle of the shifter on the gas tank with a wooden knob. Optional you can buy case, windscreen for side of trailer Parking brake roll over bar.

Russian motorcycles

«Ural Solo”

This road bike can easily be considered a “classic”. The model was improved several times, was equipped with engines from 650 to 750 cubic centimeters. Also changed the electrical circuit and the type of carbs. This bike – a powerful and modern version, stylized aggregations of the 50-ies of the last century.

The Unit comes complete with pendulum suspension at the rear and telescopic front analog. The equipment are roll over bar, electric starter and chromed fuel tank capacity of 19 liters. 18-inch wheels are fitted with spokes.

Motorcycles IZH (Russia)

This manufacturer has been operating for over 85 years. Considered the first motorcycle stamps issued in 1929 (city of Izhevsk). Production at the plant began after 17 years. For the time mass production was released about 12 million units of various categories.

Note the following modifications:

  • Road motorcycles Russia "Junker”. The unit is equipped with two-stroke power unit, which amounts to 350 cubic centimeters. The speed limit of the bike – 115 km/h. exterior reminiscent of an American style, due to the presence of teardrop-shaped fuel tank, high handlebar and forward of the footrests.
  • The Famous “IZH Jupiter».
  • A motorbike for Teens “Kornet”.
  • Cargo vehicles and ATVs.
  • Model limited edition sports type "PS-650 ROTAX”.

motorcycle IZH Russia

Legendary IZH “planet-5”

Consider the technical parameters of one of the most popular motorcycles of Russia from Izhevsk manufacturers:

  • Weight – 165 kg.
  • Maximum load – 170 kg.
  • Ground clearance-13.5 cm.
  • Wheels –spoked elements.
  • Length/width/height – 2,2/0,81/1,2 M.
  • Distance between centers-of 1.45 m
  • Capacity of fuel tank-19 liters.
  • Fuel Consumption per 100 km – 6 l
  • Maximum Speed-120 km/h.
  • Acceleration to “hundreds” – 12-15 seconds.
  • Brake system – mechanical reel type.
  • Be able to connect the side of the trailer.
  • Powertrain – two-stroke single cylinder carbureted engine.
  • Cooling & ndash; liquid.
  • Capacity – 22 horse power.
  • Compression – 8.5 in.
  • Transmission-three-speed manual transmission.
  • Wheels – cast.

Some improved versions are equipped with disc brakes, fairings and a mount for the trunk.

what are the bikes produced in Russia

In conclusion

Above are what motorcycles are produced in Russia. Today, this industry is poorly developed. Many quality models are manufactured for export. However in the market there are worthy domestic representatives among two-wheeled machines. Besides the above described modifications, it is possible to note the brand «Minsk", which goes in the classic, cross style, category "Enduro". Also on the market are light motorcycles and scooters “Street” with its original configuration. One of the most popular producers remain IZH and «Ural». No less famous among motorcycle Russia previously ‘Sunrise”, at this time not available.

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