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Last year, popular automotive brand Land Rover ceased production of the model “land Rover-Freelander-2». Instead, it is now – Discovery Sport. And for those who want to buy a car that is the last issue left only model with mileage. Let's consider the basic options of this instance and learn how to choose the machine.

A Little history

The version of the second generation hit the market in 2006 and enjoyed huge demand until 2010. But then the manufacturer decided to do a little restyling. To identify this model is only possible on optics and drives, as well as the colors of the body.

Those drivers who has closely followed the development of this model range, you know that the update in 2010 was cosmetic, but also installed a new upgraded turbo diesel unit volume of 2.2 liters. The 2013 model also has been modernized, but in appearance with the previous years there are practically no differences. All – inside and under the hood.

Freelander 2 mileage reviews disadvantages

But it is not as easy as it seems. The company runs a nasty chain of events since the late 90's. Power Land Rover's and was sold to BMW, who took several of development for the X5, further – the third generation Range Rover disgusting quality, and then the transfer of the company under the leadership of Ford. On «Ford» began to introduce new developments and innovations, but then came the crisis of 2008, and the project folded. In the beginning of the zero brand can be compared with a talented child who loved music, but at the behest of parents engaged in Boxing. But despite all the obstacles, engineers from Land Rover were able to do something.land Rover Freelander 2


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Behind the wheel of a SUV “land Rover-Freelander-2" feels kind of solidity. The controls are large, chunky and fit is traditionally high. The door slams shut like a giant pounding his club on a tree. At the same time high structural strength. As for noise, it is not on the premium level. Although it is difficult to compare with what KIa is doing.

Quality materials and finish may seem cheap, but the plastic is very hard to touch. But it's not – all very nice. Overall the interior is quite strict and solid. Everything was done very classically. Look in the interior stops on the instrument panel with a large color display. Here you can see the readings of the temperature sensors, fuel level and other characteristics. In addition to the testimony of a route on the computer screen easily displays menu Terrain Response. So, you can see the operation of the system and the angle at which the front wheels are deployed.

Freelander 2 price

See how this system works in the SUV "Freelander-2». The test speaks for itself.

The potential owner will find in the cabin new steering wheel, handbrake and upgraded center console. The multimedia system includes a seven-inch touch display. Pleased with the presence of voice control and music presents sound of Meridian. 11 speakers total power output of 380 watts or 17 speakers with a power of 825 watts. Impressive? Nice, but the database is unavailable.

Some believe the ergonomics of the interior no perceptible. But the car is simply stunning in this regard, and fully justified all of the invested funds. Besides, this is the last of the true Land Rover.

Under the hood

We're talking about the SUV "Freelander-2" b/u condition, and therefore you need to approach the issue from this point of view. So, the car does not Shine with perfection. Diesel unit, which is what we recommend you to purchase this crossover, previously used for Ford Transit. And when that person sells the car, it will say that the engine is time-tested, it should be understood that the Assembly is very much outdated. Made these motors since 2000. But wrong with that, of course, nothing. The only – consumption of fuel, as Airbus and complex electronic components and the presence of turbines will not allow you to drain the diesel fuel from friends truckers.

In our country offer SUV “Freelander-2" diesel. It is already known 2.2-liter engine with a power of 160 HP But still have a 150-strong unit with manual or automatic transmission and 190-horsepower engine. For the domestic user it is equipped with only a gun. Both units produce the same torque. Both versions have the turbo with the possibility of changing the geometry.

The models from the 2013 engineers replaced the unit with a 2.2-liter diesel engine capacity of 240 HP Now, it is economical, powerful, with good traction characteristics.


Automatic transmission Aisin Warner designed for the quick and responsive work. But also the box is quite economical. For example, the locking torque Converter has a wider range. The developers have reduced the weight of the CAT and optimized it inside. Manual transmission for this model after modernization has not changed and remains the same as it was.

Freelander 2 diesel

Car that is underestimated

Yes. This is so. In the show Top Gear model was unfairly rejected due to understated looks. But he is talented in the other. The second generation is built on a rigid frameplatform. Front and rear mounted female subframes. Suspension-inspiring, simple and maintainable. It does not happen.

On the roads the driver will assist the unique e-motion system, and permanent all-wheel drive. SUV “Freelander-2» the price is quite democratic and is even available if to speak about cars.

Yes, the owners say a lot about the flaws of the electronics. She is often wrong. About outdated engine already mentioned, the sounds of running suspension will be heard very clearly. However, with regard to appearance, we can argue. Fans believe that she is perfect: prostaia, brutal and concise. For all the faults the car was a real fighter. And repairs ("Freelander” of the 2nd generation) with proper maintenance will be to replace the consumables.


The Engine is 2.2 liters, with a capacity of 150 or 190 HP fuel Consumption is 7.0 liters per 100 km Transmission six-speed automatic. The car can overcome fords to 500 mm.

How to choose?

Let's Talk about choosing the right car. So, the model was produced from 06 th to 14-th year. That is why the variations on the secondary market very much. SUV “Freelander-2" price - from 600 thousand copies the first year to 2.5 million rubles for the maximum configuration. But, the cost, of course, slightly exaggerated. Choose to be a crossover with age of 3-4 years and a 2.2-liter turbodiesel simple Assembly.picking the Freelander 2

The Manufacturer offers a warranty on the car for a period of three years. Buying three year old cars, the buyer will definitely get your hands on the service history. This is a small, but still confidence in the future. The engines are especially popular turbodiesel engine rated at 150 HP It is better in terms of software, and the turbine is cooled and the oil, and antifreeze. Also the difference in the tax.

What is the picking “Freelander” 2nd generation?

Among the models can be divided in three. Is S, SE, HSE. Of engines to choose from too, actually, three. It is already familiar to diesel engines and 2-litre petrol with a capacity of 240 "horses". Picking differ in the interior materials, the electronic functions and equipment, as well as exterior features.


Much has been written about the SUV "Freelander-2” mileage; reviews, disadvantages – all clear. Among the disadvantages – only motor from Ford. But recommend to purchase this diesel with automatic transmission. It is more economical and perfectly suited to modern realities.

Problems with the machine will not. Particulate filter here and there was not. Instead, there is a catalyst, so that virtually no problems. What engine, what transmission – have a long service life.

In the forums people often write to the owners about the model “Freelander-2” with the mileage. Reviews disadvantages does not actually say.

fix Freelander 2Many people manage to drive without repair up to 300 thousand km To do this, simply need to regularly change the oil, fuel filter and other fluids and consumables.

Often write about the problems with the “burnt” by the transmission. They just follow from the fact that the oil was changed regularly. After 130 thousand. the manufacturer recommends replacement of the timing belt and rollers. These parts will cost relatively inexpensive. It is also recommended to regularly replace the lubricant in the transfer case. It changes along with timing.

SUV Suspension “Freelander-2” with a mileage-disadvantages

The Owners claim high reliability systems. Very rarely someone says that to 150 thousand was the replacement of shock absorbers. Often change the strut and bushing. But if necessary, the front shocks still need to be replaced.

As for the brakes, here only change pads. Everything else has a high resource. The prices are quite low and lifting for those who buy such cars.Freelander 2 test


In General, you can safely buy the SUV "Freelander-2” with the mileage. Reviews, flaws show that the machine is operated without any problems for a long time. The owner is only required to comply with the regulations. This is a great car for those who know a lot about them.

So we found out what has SUV “Freelander” 2nd generation reviews, advantages and disadvantages.

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