How to replace the outboard bearing of the propeller shaft?


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The outboard Bearing of the propeller shaft-is a device that provides rotation and movement in space parts. It fixes an axis, supports the shaft and takes up radial load. But, like other parts, outboard propeller shaft bearing («Mercedes» the hand – without a difference) sooner or later will require replacement. In this article we consider the stages of this process on the example of domestic VAZ models 05-07.

outboard propeller shaft bearing

Training tools

To replace the outboard bearing of the propeller shaft, you need 2 spanner 12 and 13 mm, hammer, steel extension, as well as pliers, in which you will remove the snap rings. Also don't forget about the special bearing puller, without which the process simply impossible.

How to remove outboard bearing of the propeller shaft?

Vases “five”, “six” and “seven” have the same chassis design, so the instructions for installation and replace this part fit all the above models. So, go to work. The first thing we put the car on a viewing hole and remove the driveshaft and disassemble the d-pad (with a key to Unscrew the bolt 27). It is worth remembering that the nut need not be completely removed – need to leave some space on the thread for further extrusion of the plug.outboard propeller shaft bearing VAZ

And now we'll need a puller. In General, it can be a different design – be sure to ask the seller what model car it was intended. With the help of this tool vypressovyvaniem the propeller shaft yoke. It is possible that this detail might get stuck and not stick out. For this we use a hammer. Very knock is not necessary, otherwise it will deteriorate and puller, and fork. Further vypressovyvaniem the right part and remove the support plate. Then it is necessary to compress the bearing from the shaft. To do this, locate the 2 corner (50: 50), and, based on cardan, ypressure the worn parts. If necessary, you can take a metal extension and using it to lightly strike with a hammer. All the outboard bearing of the propeller shaft is removed.


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But our work is not finished. After we removed the outboard bearing of the propeller shaft, remove the snap ring and washer graduateshotline. After you are ready to install the new parts. Installation is done in a similar way, but it is worth noting a caveat – before work should be lubricated new item. Usually manufacturers pre-lubricate her, but not enough. To ensure the machine normal rotation of the driveshaft, you need to gently pry the cover off (the wall) bearing with Sheila and treat her. Everything is now a new part ready to install. By the way, if you notice that this part scrolls with claws, better change it with another one because this item is either defective or tampered.outboard propeller shaft bearing Mercedes

Following these instructions, you can easily replace the obsolete component with new one, providing your car for a long and trouble-free operation.

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