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Any motorist constantly, annually meets with the need of replacement tires own steel stallion. And probably not just "burnt" on this – as it is often a similar change was made either unprofessional or sloppy. But incorrect tire changing machine can lead to extraordinarily wear and bring a huge number of problems in the form of additional material costs. In order to avoid these negative consequences and to quietly admire the driving of your own car, you need to be convinced those qualified professionals who undoubtedly seek the services of service tire.

 couldn't find similar the tire? Luckily for You, the motorists, it is all the same there! And placed it at: ul. Proezd Serebryakova, building 4 "Mosavtoshina" says the opening of the newest tire. It is built on the most modern and reliable technologies. In its construction were used concrete — a lightweight but incredibly strong material made with natural ingredients recognized masters of their own business – a firm YTONG, which guarantees the highest property, and the structure of the partitions – plasterboard Knauf represents the present German standard. Other than that, for Your convenience, and to save Your ears, the room is equipped with insulation ISOVER.

 We provide a spacious range of services, specifically:

  • Installation and dismantling of the rubber of the automobile type;
  • Can install wheels of any size;
  • If you want to pump up the wheels of Your car with nitrogen;
  • Balance the wheels of passenger type and any size;
  • Can lead a hot vulcanising at least some of the tires;
  • Repair with the support of cameras and patches directly to tires with different injuries.

 We don't just provide these services, we do all really good and honestly, since we are interested in You !

 All do everything directly for Your convenience and speed of service, because once we are able to work with 4 cars. For Your comfort we have, the world wide web record for the provision of any services — http://mosautoshina. ru/fitting/reservation/. Other than that, You are able to monitor their work progress and to monitor the quality of their performance with the support of the online of cameras in the world wide web or to monitor what is happening on the screen that is installed in the client room.

 in addition to all the above, our advantage is a fairly large area: the client area of the room is about 30 square meters, and the width of the entire tire rooms – 80, and public floor area is 180 square meters.

Again, our address: ul. Proezd Serebryakova(metro Botanical Garden)., 4, building 1. The tire to stay on the ground floor of a building with 3 floors. The entrance is exactly in the client area from the street, travel in our tire intersects with the terrain of the business center. A good driveway and Parking area for 5 persons is also considered to be our advantages.

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ES: https://www.tostpost.com/es/coches/13560-que-es-un-examen-en-el-gbdd.html

HI: https://www.tostpost.com/hi/cars/7592-what-is-the-exam-in-the-traffic-police.html

JA: https://www.tostpost.com/ja/cars/7588-what-is-the-exam-in-the-traffic-police.html

KK: https://www.tostpost.com/kk/avtomobil-der/13553-b-l-b-ld-red-emtihan-gibdd.html

PL: https://www.tostpost.com/pl/samochody/13540-co-to-jest-egzamin-do-policji.html

PT: https://www.tostpost.com/pt/carros/13534-o-que-um-exame-de-pol-cia-de-tr-nsito.html

TR: https://www.tostpost.com/tr/arabalar/13556-nedir-bu-s-nav-traf-k-polisi.html

UK: https://www.tostpost.com/uk/avtomob-l/13550-scho-zh-yavlya-soboyu-spit-v-gibdd.html

ZH: https://www.tostpost.com/zh/cars/8252-what-is-the-exam-in-the-traffic-police.html

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