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Every year motorists are faced with the choice of tires for the winter. Coming cold weather, it is expected the first snow and frost… For many drivers this is the period of the emergency. It would seem that day is still warm, but the evening on the road may form a thin pellicle of ice, which is barely noticeable. And then, not suspecting anything dangerous, drivers race each other and here – the first accident.

best winter tire

In order to avoid these unpleasant moments, motorists start "shoed" of their cars. Cars line up in endless queues on the tire. Those who do not know what a winter tyre is better to buy, confer with other motorists, read reviews online, and someone is looking for magazines with the latest reviews of winter tires.

Today every car owner is presented to choose from a large range of winter tires with a different modifications, from the cheapest to the most expensive. So what is it, the best winter tires?

If finances on “pereobuvku” is limited, it is better to buy tires from domestic producers (but not the cheapest). Also, many drivers buy imported tires, only last year's version (that is, those who failed to sell last season). Such goods are no less quality and is much cheaper than a new import. You could say it's the best winter tires for our roads.

According to the results of Internet research, the best winter tires are produced under such brands:

  • Bridgestone.
  • ...
  • Lincoln continental.
  • The Nokian.

the best winter tires

Some drivers trying to save money, buy and install winter tires only on the drive axle of the vehicle. It should be noted that by performing such actions you endanger not only their own safety, and even life. If the vehicle is to install two winter tires, and the rest of the summer to ride, the coefficient of adhesion of these wheels will be significantly different, whereby at the slightest deceleration of the car becomes uncontrollable and goes straight into a ditch. In this case, it's safer to drive on four bald rubbers.


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Many drivers driving on the pavement, afraid that they are the best winter tires will remain even without the spikes, delaying its replacement until the last moment, before the first snow. But a few days before that on the road there is a small layer of ice, which is also dangerous to drive like in the snow. winter tiresThe question Arises, at what temperature should replace the tires. Experts say that the optimum temperature for replacement – this is +7-8 degrees Celsius.

And for those who are forced to go on a little trip on the road, where there is no snow, there are a few rules. The most important of them – not to make sudden maneuvers and braking, to move at a speed not exceeding 70 km/h. These simple rules will help to prevent the loss of studs from tires.

After purchasing studded winter tires manufacturers recommend to clean the “run”. This process will help the spikes properly “used” to new tires, to gain a foothold in the tread. Run-in should be done at the first 600-700 miles, then the winter tires will be completely serviceable. It should not be dispersed more than 80 km/hour (for the city it is quite enough speed).

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