The fuel pump of VAZ 2109: injector how it works. Replacement and inspections


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You will Need to consider the features possessed by the fuel pump of VAZ 2109. The injector if the fuel injection system, the pump is an electric pump. Its application is due to the fact that there is a need to control fuel supply to the combustion chamber. But, as you know, petrol is supplied first to a special ramp where there is the mixing with air in a certain ratio (14 to 1). It maintains a constant pressure, which is the flow of the mixture in the combustion chamber through holes in the electromagnetic injectors. Are devices that convert fuel-air mixture into very fine droplets. In fact, in the combustion chamber ignites the mist, which is the gasoline in suspension.

How it works fuel pump

fuel pump injector 2109

Nothing challenging in the fuel supply system no. An ordinary pump, which is driven by the rotor of the electric motor. To protect the entire fuel system from the ingress of small particles, a filter is used. But this is not over particular, it is worth to note that it is necessary to maintain at the same level the rail pressure. A fuel pump of VAZ 2109 (injector without it simply can not work), provided that will constantly pump diesel will be pumping the pressure higher and higher. And that system will be broken.

Therefore, it is necessary to control pressure. This applies to a special device called a pressure regulator. It is set in the fuel rail connects to the tubing which serves to dump excess petrol in the tank. When the ignition is switched on polling sensor rail pressure, and then turn on the drive of the fuel pump. After rail pressure has increased to the desired value, the fuel pump shuts off. Therefore, he was not working constantly.


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How to remove the fuel pump

fuel pump replacement injector 2109

Located under the rear seat the fuel pump of VAZ 2109. The injector involves its installation directly in the tank. The thing is that the pump is a submersible type. One node with him is the fuel level sensor float type. It works due to the fact that the float moves the slider on the variable resistance. While in the power supply circuit changes the current. The magnitude of changes is determined by the amount of gasoline left in the tank. To removing the pump you will need to use pliers, screwdrivers and key at 8.

It is possible that the reason that there is no fuel delivery, idle is the fuel pump relay 2109. The injector consists of it and also the fuse, which could easily burn. Before carrying out the work thoroughly clean the whole cover, so after removing did not get the dust inside of the tank. Then, using a screwdriver, loosen the hose clamps that are tightened hoses. Remove them, if not hands, then try to gently crimp them with pliers and rotate it around. Then key in 8 twist all the nuts that secure the cover to the body of the tank. Please note that there are washers. Don't lose them. That's it, now the pump can be easily removed for replacement or repair.

Health Check pump

fuel pump relay injector 2109

The Test is easy even without special tools, fuel pump of VAZ 2109. The injector will not be able to work without pressure in the fuel rail. Therefore, you need to pump motor rotates. Check out this easy enough to connect his insights to the battery. If you are afraid, turn on in rupture of one wire of an incandescent lamp. It will help to determine the serviceability of a winding of the motor. Please note that the filter must be as clean as possible. If it is clogged, please change it. Otherwise, the pump cannot create sufficient pressure.


Pay attention to the condition of the wires when the fuel pump replacement 2109. The injector means the power to the motor from the onboard network, so breakages and destruction of the insulation should not be. Fuel pump installation is in the reverse order of removal. First, put the housing into the tank, falling on the studs. Then you need to tighten all nuts, then put the hoses and connect the plug with the wires.

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