What is the exam in the traffic police?


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Now you learn in driving school to the exam in the traffic police remained a few months, it seems that this event will never come. But probably still at school everyone knows this quirk of time - all the most important thing always comes quickly. This article will help you to be h more prepared by the time of expiry of the “suddenly”. 

What is the exam in the traffic police?

The aim of the examination - verification of theoretical knowledge of the applicant for a driver's license. Now, traffic police and any government institution is committed to the computerization, so in most cases, and the theory exam is held in online mode. Although, there is one chance in a thousand thousand, what you like in the good old days will be put behind the Desk and offer to draw a ticket. This should be clarified in advance in your driving school. But this situation can now be safely attributed to things fantastic. Therefore, the main attention in article is paid to the exam using a computer.

How to take?

Each ticket has twenty jobs with tests, the solution of which it is necessary to mark one correct answer. The rules are pretty hard and you can make a mistake only once.

• the Most reliable way-is to start preparing as early as possible. For this you need to find in the Internet the Online traffic tickets 2014 and read them carefully. This will help you to become familiar with all the innovations in the content part of the exam, thus avoiding unpleasant surprises during its delivery.
• despite the fact that you are a hundred percent confident in their abilities and are an experienced driver, tickets must apply in advance and re-letting of the SDA. 
• Not to worry. As at the time of the theory and grounds, it is not recommended to take sedatives, protoplasm reaction. Due to reduced concentration, increases substantially the risk of accidentally click the wrong button.
• the Main enemy of the examinee - haste. Time on the task given to twenty minutes. What often causes panic, but in fact, these twenty minutes will be enough. You need the utmost concentration and confidence, then all jobs will be completed on time.

If not passed?

In 2010, the fee to retake has been cancelled, i.e. do not need to pay. To retake the exam you can as its driving school and independently. It is necessary to take documents from offices, where he passed the first exam. After that, you must find an item to pass traffic on their own. There are no restrictions, need to pass the exam at the place of residence no. In fact, you have the right to choose any branch of traffic police of one of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation.
After you retake the theoretical test you will be on to the next part - the practical exam, which will be held in a General manner: as an external student or driving school.
Good Luck!

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