How to perfect your instrument panel VAZ-21099?


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Instrument Panel – is one of the most visible parts of the interior of any car. And VAZ “ninety-nine” is no exception. Of course, this model was produced back in the nineties, and now the instrument panel VAZ-21099 has a rather poor design compared to other cars. But, is there a way to improve the part, and he called the “tuning”. dashboard VAZ 21099Here before a motorist opens two ways – to protonirovanie panel which will cost much higher standard, or do it better to your liking, thus saving a few thousand rubles, and spending a couple of days of free time. So, let's see how to modernize the instrument panel on VAZ-21099.

What tools would you need?

To produce this tuning spare parts, you'll need a soldering iron, paint (preferably spray), led strip light, as well as the new arrows on the instrument panel VAZ-21099.

Removal of old panels and the process of tuning

Where to begin this long but exciting process? Of course, with the dismantling of the old dashboard. And first you need to remove all the plastic, that is a finishing material that hides all the unnecessary slots and bolts. Then proceed to dismantling the panel. It is important to remember – before this process, be sure to disconnect the battery terminal from the battery, otherwise you may get an electric shock. The entire sequence of the process can be found in the user manual for the VAZ-21099. Dashboard, its features and mount – everything can be found there. Meanwhile, back to tuning. VAZ 21099 dashboardSo, we have disassembled the instrument panel VAZ-21099. In order to improve it, proceed to the replacement of a new shooter. As a rule, sets a new measuring scales have a larger hole diameter, so when installing, be sure to drill holes, making them wider. This is to ensure that the new arrows are not “sticky” to the Board, as is often the case with motorists. If you do not want to start drilling holes or just not confident in their abilities, you can go the other way, just painting the old arrows in any color. The main thing here is to observe the quality of the paint and choose only matte shades, otherwise the scale bar will Shine. Still optionally, paint and all the dials. It is important to observe the accuracy of the scale, especially on the speedometer.

Instrument Panel VAZ-21099 - replacement bulbs

After that start the installation of neon illumination. The best option will the led tape which has the ability to change its color. But if you don't want to buy normal diodes in any color and mount them on a place where stood an old lamp. Also when installing do not reverse the polarity, otherwise the entire process your backlight will not burn and you have to re-disassemble everything.

dashboard for VAZ 21099

Next, set all hands measuring devices in its place. At this stage the improvement of the instrument panel VAZ “ninety-nine” can finish. Good luck with tuning!

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