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VAZ 2172 no doubt can be called a national car. Indeed, thanks to such qualities as the capacity and functionality and a relatively affordable price, the car very popular in its niche.VAZ 2172

We deliberately focus our attention on the availability of the machine. The concept is relative, however, VAZ 2172 Priora hatchback has virtually no competitors among other producers of cars. Except, perhaps, could be the predecessor VAZ 2172 – equivalent to the tenth generation, but by today's standards, this model is already obsolete. As for the "priors", that cost about 15 thousand dollars, you can purchase the Deluxe package, which includes: two airbags, ABS, air conditioning, power steering, full electric package, sunscreen glass, heated seats, rain sensor and other useful functions – very good for a domestic car. There is and standard, against luxury analog it looks poor, but is much cheaper.

VAZ 2172 priora hatchbackTuning VAZ 2172 in the form of a technical evolution with the release of the hatchback did not happen. The car under the hood still the same familiar 1.6 engine. Contrary to expectations, has not been finalized and the long-suffering gearbox – a five-speed mechanics still “hurt” vibration scenes. Project managers "Priora" once again assured that the transmission will be dramatically modified, and the problem is resolved. Another problem was the folding rear seats. To do this, as it turned out, only people well-physically developed. The boot's capacity is slightly inferior to the sedan, but with a folded backrest that he can compete even with the wagon.


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Interesting fact: VAZ 2172 – truly international car, as has repeatedly been said. In its creation took part the French (airbag), Italians (interior), Koreans (air conditioning), in addition, the music system was developed by Japanese experts, and some elements of the motor – German. Tuning VAZ 2172To a greater extent, this explains the fact that the interior of the vehicle as a whole can be considered successful, there are no hints of absurdity, as was the case with predecessor – the wagon the tenth of the model.

As for the exterior, the "adapt" received an expressive side, as well as fully developed hind wings, trunk door decorated with modern lighting. Thanks to such expressive features, VAZ 2172 in matters of harmony and functionality will give odds to any other model of her generation. Positive emotions left the hatchback and on the go. It accelerates quite rapidly, well “holds” the track and confidently enters the turn. The car designers have successfully implemented a crank mechanism that allows to some extent to reduce the mechanical losses, i.e. to provide the engine with optimal performance. As for the level of protection for driver and passengers, the safety of the vehicle is consistent with accepted standards, the results of crash tests – proof.

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