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Involved in high-profile cases in Ukraine associated with fraud in especially large sizes, has become another “Madoff" American style. Infamous businessman Robert Fletcher this year was released on bail. Millionaire mentor continues “educational” activities in the framework of a new system of business training.

Robert Fletcher

Some facts from the biography

About Robert Fletcher there are a lot of myths, rumors, but reliable information not so much. That's what we know about his biography.

Fletcher's Childhood up to 8 years in Alaska, so Russian culture was close to him. In the city where he grew up, there were many Orthodox churches. Robert went to school with “Cossacks-conquerors”. In the family besides him, his mother and stepfather had two brothers. Worked 14 years in manufacturing of canned fish, manufactured leather goods in their workshop. At the age of 16 moved to my own father. Study in Washington has combined with a part time job at McDonalds. Fateful for the young man was a visit to the sales seminar and meet a millionaire who got rich traveling the world and teaching others. Then Robert realized that there are easy ways to earn money.

financial pyramids in Ukraine

According to legend, Robert Fletcher became a millionaire in 22 years. How is it managed? The stories of American broker-realtor Martin Alcala, personally familiar with Fletcher, Robert was the founder of several little-known firms. The basis of their work was multi-level marketing. Outstanding representatives in the field of MLM business are “Amway", "Mary Kay", but unlike them the company Fletcher known and did not.

How Fletcher “busted” in the U.S.

American businessman Fletcher, together with partners, repeatedly opened and closed in the United States dozens of companies, in any case, staying with the money, but signed under him, the people always lose invested in his company money. Later, Robert became interested in the real estate, he began working in the field of property investments.


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On the Internet you can find everything about the businessman-mentor, bankrupt with 10 million of debt. Commission United States securities and exchange Commission, acting with another lawsuit in 2007, accusing Robert in a multimillion dollar Scam. From 2003 to 2005 he held the position of Director of the company "ProVision" and actively “lured” by investors. All the raised funds spent on personal needs: luxurious life, luxurious shopping, casino.

Robert Fletcher, according to the Commission, lied to investors, telling about successful work and development of the company. Talked about that purchased boats, real estate, $ 137 million spent on the purchase of several tons of non-existent mineral called “jumat”. The Commission ordered Robert to pay a fine and for life to abandon any managerial positions in joint-stock companies. In addition, Fletcher was accused of the online trade in fake stock and literary cheating. Persona non grata in the US light-fingered businessman in this regard, did not, from the country-not deported.

mlm business what is it

Financial pyramid and MLM-business - what is it?

A pyramid scheme is to attract funds of investors in the fictitious project, the yield of which is always lower than the rates of attraction of investments. The project is not able to provide for the payment of dividends, interest for all investors. As a result, for this purpose, the funds invested by new investors. Such a company inevitably comes to bankruptcy, swell like a soap bubble. When it bursts, the losers are the last investors.

MLM business - what is it? It represents the attracting unlimited number of clients and partners for implementation of any products, goods through the network, that is, a team of followers, adherents. The main difference grid company that enables real MLM business is the presence realized through the structure of a product: cosmetics, products for home, health, etc. of the Pyramid, masquerading as network companies, sell «air», that is, do not produce anything, as well as the organization of Fletcher.

Financial pyramids in Ukraine

Activity Fletcher in 2006 led to the misappropriation of funds more than 3,000 Ukrainian citizens. The result of the activities of his company was the damage worth hundreds of millions of dollars. For this he was tried under article "swindle" (UK).

fraud UK

Free seminars GST (training system) was proposed to pass paid courses under the name ‘How to become rich" (value from 1 to 5 thousand dollars). The people at these events shows held more than a day. Many seminars were conducted at night when people are most suggestible. After “treatment” the customer offer to invest in any of the three dozen projects, and to receive dividends up to 300% per annum. Robert Fletcher has repeatedly said that shares in his company will soon begin trading on the London stock exchange.

Giving the money to the coach or to Fletcher, would-be investor has received receipt receipt receipt! It contained the amount of profit and information about that person in the future will be given a receipt to receive invested in the project funds. In addition,instead contracts were drafted memorandums with the obligations of the parties merely set out their intentions. We will cooperate – well, no – no money will not return. Discounts for education, higher dividends promised for referring other students, is one of the signs of a financial pyramid.

Blown projects GST

Many of the projects Fletcher: yacht clubs, airlines, mines, service centers, construction of houses in Turkey and the other did not exist, people showed a colorful illustration. Pizza chain called "Maximus" was actually a diner for a couple of tables, and the project «Azov resorts” - an old summer camp. One of the myths of Fletcher – is a fictional acquaintance with Robert Kiyosaki. In fact they were neither close friends nor business partners.

“training” and did not cease during the period of his release millionaire-mentor in jail from 2008 to 2015 Robert Fletcher “preaching” even on the phone from the camera. Recently, the company-analogue of GST is actively attracting investors through the Internet offers to invest in the construction of new buildings.

American businessman


GST became the object of attention of specialists in the field of sectarianism. This organization is a psychological cult, offering ideas for a round sum. Depositors who suffered at the hands of the American swindler, do not believe that it is necessary to submit a statement to the police, and in spite of that waiting for the promised windfall profits. They continue to believe that Fletcher was sent by the Creator to teach them to earn millions.

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