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The Russian literary language is large and rich. Such a variety of style there is, perhaps,more than in any language in the world. Proof of this can serve as sub-genres of official-business style. It turns out that along with the existence of such functional variants, as  the official style of the Russian language, he divided, in turn, on how business communication applies to a particular group of vocabulary.

It has Long been the main functions of the official-business style was to service the business language in the process of communication between the States and the administrations of enterprises and organizations. Referring to the book group lexical means, it is implemented in the orders, decrees and orders, laws, acts and certificates, business correspondence and texts of identity and powers of attorney. The list can be endless, but it is better to pay attention to intra-group vocabulary, which forms the sub-genres of official-business style.

There are only three: diplomatic, legal, and management. They all share the accuracy and detail of presentation of ideas, the standard language revs and clichés, as well as prescribing the nature of the presentation, binding. But they differ, as you can see, the field of application. Consider the sub-genres of official-business style in more detail.

  • Diplomatic subgenre is used in international documents, when executed treaties, agreements, communiqués, conventions, etc. characteristic of this group of vocabulary is that the language resources used in speech, almost never used. The main service sector – policy.
  • Legislative subgenre – vocabulary used in the writing of legislative acts, governmental orders, civil and criminal procedure of the documents of national importance. In this case, the verbal form of the question – the judiciary. Documents of this padstyle monotonous and stylistically very similar to each other. In a large number of used legal terminology, even emotionally expressive words acquire the character of a term. Used a lot of words with opposite meaning, as in the documents often is the comparison and the comparison of various concepts. The main service sector – legal, judicial.
  • Managerial subgenre – it is the language of intra-Agency agreements, orders and instructions, and also used when writing references, characteristics, powers of attorney and receipts of an administrative nature. This padstyle there are many oral forms. These include: reports, lectures, speeches, official telephone conversations and verbal instructions. Along with the use of neutral and other types of book vocabulary, apply steady verbal turnovers administrative character, as well as staroslavyansky and archaisms, has long been considered a model for creating a variety of linguistic clichés. Here are a few antonyms are used, but very many used abbreviations and different digital codifications. The main use of padstyle – administrative.

The official-business style define all of its features. For documents written in that language, no matter the emotional side. The principal is the legal entity, compliance with the letter of the law. Therefore, the sub-genres of official-business style abound generic notations with poor semantics, but applied in a wider sense. Often used common gender nouns, impersonal sentences and participial and adverbial-participial constructions and verbs present.

Thus, the official style of the Russian language serves as a specification and standard disclosure of the content of business documents, avoiding of emotions.

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