Credit, tax, and financial policy of the enterprise


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 Finance – the base category, historically in the development of commodity-money relations. Then, the financial policy of the enterprise   is a set of activities which is held by the authority, the owner, and the workforce in order to raise Finance and use them to carry out basic tasks and functions.
            So, developing scientifically-based concept of financial activity, identify key areas of spending financial funds, focusing on short, medium and long term, focusing on practical implementation of the developed strategy.
           the Financial policy of the company  produced on the basis of study of demand for manufactured products, estimates of material, financial, intellectual, labor, information resources, organization and preliminary prediction of the outcome of economic activity.
the goal of the enterprise, position it on the market, developed the concept of financial activities influence the direction of spending of funds of the enterprise. The financial policy of the enterprise is subordinated to the main goal - the most efficient and full use and increase  its financial potential.
Financial policy lies in the targeted use of financial resources to achieve tactical and strategic objectives defined by the Charter company.
Fiscal policy includes the following links:
1)     the development of the concept of management of money flows of the enterprise that provides the optimum combination of protection from commercial risk and high yield;
2)    the definition of the main directions of spending funds for a specific period: decade, month, etc.,  and for the near future.
3)     implementation of practical actions aimed at achieving specific goals.
       Financial policy for the duration of the nature and period of tasks is classified into:

  • Financial tactics
  • Financial strategy.

 Financial policy of an enterprise are closely interrelated with the financial policy of the state, was thus considered complex. Macroeconomic and external environment affects the activity of the enterprise is stronger than microeconomic, internal environment. Therefore, the financial policy of a particular company depends on what priorities are identified in the financial policy in the state, from its reality and validity.

Credit policy of the company allows to reduce receivables, and subsequently, to properly manage it. Credit policy of the company  - a code of rules that defines the procedure for the collection of accounts receivable and receipt of trade credit. In most cases, it is developed and adopted for the calendar year, and subsequently reviewed in accordance with efficiency, and can be adjusted for facing to the enterprise goals and objectives in the current market conditions.


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A Competent credit policy consists of three major blocks of work that are conducted continuously:

- provision of commercial loan (for how long, to whom, in what volume, etc.);
- regular audit of receivables;
- timely and adequate measures for the collection of arrears.

The Tax policy of the enterprises represents system of methods, techniques, ways to keep tax records, as well as create, optimize, calculate and analyze tax performance. Tax figures is the amount of tax payments, including:

  • The share of fees and taxes in liabilities and assets of the company;
  • The ratio of the amounts of different taxes;
  • Tax solvency of the company, etc.

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