Planning as function of management in the modern enterprise


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     the Planning function of management is the determination of the various problems of functioning and development of the enterprise and ways to achieve them. Any organization planning required because we are discussing many managerial decisions:

• allocated resources;
• koordiniruyutsya activities among various departments;
• koordiniruyutsya market;
• created an effective internal structure;
• controlled activities;
• develops the organization in the future.

     the Planning function of management is able to provide timely decisions, and avoid haste in the decision. This sets a clear objective and the correct way to implement it, and the mandatory control of the situation.

     Regular functions of management in the enterprise:
- forecasts and plans;
- organizing the work;
- motivate;
- coordinates and controls;
- execution control, accounting, analysis.

     the Functions of management in the enterprise, allocated, given activity:
- execution of current and prospective economic and social planning;
- organized standardization work;
- carrying out accounting and reporting;
- perform economic analysis;
- technically prepared production;
- arranged trade;
- control the technological process;
- quickly manage a production;

     the Functions of modern management – is quite diverse.
Planning as function of management is:
• goal-setting (goals are defined);
• combination (coordination) goals and means of achieving;
• develops or the unity of the existing system and its future development.
goal setting is the formulation of objectives, and that the overall objectives of the company and goals of its individual units. As a result, the different goals that underlie the planning.


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    To implement the plan is also required to have an established organizational system. The company is directed to make a target, and how to build and coordinate this work depend on the results. Even the most perfect plan will not be implemented if there is no such organization. Must exist for the performing structure. Apart from this, the organization must be able in the future to develop, because if it is not, then the whole thing will collapse. Future activities of the organization depends on external environment, the skill and knowledge of employees, from those places who belong to the organization in the industry.

     All the planning in the company can be divided into the following levels: strategic and operational. Strategic planning as a management function is a definition of the purpose and procedures of the organization in the long term, operating is system, which is managed by the organization at the current time. These two types of planning joined the organization in General, with all the specific departments and is the key to successful coordination of action. If to speak about the organization in General, planning is carried out as follows:

1. Develop the mission of the organization.
2. Given a mission, develop a strategic landmark or focus of work (reference is often called as quality target).
3. Assess and analyze external and internal environment of the organization.
4. Define the strategic alternative.
5. Choose specific strategy or way of achieving goals. Answer the question "what to do?".
6. When you set a goal and chosen alternative ways to get it, it is necessary to develop tactical plans, performing procedures, the implementation of the rules.

      Based on the above it can be concluded that planning as function of management allows for an enterprise to develop extremely efficiently and rapidly without spending extra financial resources.

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