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Networking is a type of communication whose purpose is the interchange of information between existing or potential partners. During business communication solved important questions are set and achieved goals, acquired the personal and professional qualities. To better understand this, you need to understand what are the different types of business communication.

Direct and indirect

All types of business communication are divided into two groups: direct and indirect. At right is understood as the communication that occurs between partners who do not share the spatial and temporal barriers. This can be a business conversation, negotiations. Indirect contact means, which is carried out with the help of technical means (telephone, Internet). Experience shows that it is possible to strive to direct communication, as it is considered to be the most productive for achieving any goal. All live communication when interlocutors can see each other, it doesn't compare with anything else.

Verbal and non-Verbal

There are some types of business communication, verbal and non-verbal. Verbal – is communication through words, nonverbal – is communication through gestures, facial expressions, poses. Non-verbal portrait of the person you will be in what posture he chooses to do conversation the way he looks at his companion and with what intonation he says this or that information.

Technology business communication can be done through various ways and forms of communication. Depending on this there are the following types of business communication:

Business meeting

There is a view that business communication when the whole team of the company meets together to discuss  the urgent problems or to take the General solution.

Public speaking

This kind of business communication is to some extent a continuation of the previous. Is there  a case where one person communicates any information to his colleagues or another group of persons. He must clearly understand what he says, and his speech should be clear to the public.

Business talk

It is this kind of business communication in which there is an exchange of information on any most important subject.  for Example, this includes a discussion of the company's employees work processes. During a business conversation, not necessarily determined.

Business negotiations

Unlike the previous type of communication, the end result of negotiations  is finding the correct solution and its adoption. Business negotiations have a specific focus, which could be the signing of important contracts and transactions.


During a business dispute without communication is given to do not always. Often, only through the clash of interests and the settling parties to their positions manage to come to some decision. But sometimes, the debate is stopping him to accept.

Business correspondence

This is an indirect method of business communication, through which information is transmitted via letters.  for Example, this could include written orders and requests. Business correspondence can be carried out by sending emails, which saves time. There are two forms of business correspondence: business letter (sent by one organization to another) and private formal letter (sent by a private person on behalf of the organization to another private person).

Speaking about business communication, we should mention his main phase.

Phase of business communication

·         Preparation for communion.

·         the Phase of communication (getting in touch).

·         Concentration (on a problem or particular).

·         Maintaining attention.

·         Argumentation and persuasion (in case the thoughts of the interlocutors differ).

·         Locking the result (to finish the conversation at the right time).


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