The types of production.


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Types of production - is not that other, as a set of characteristics that define organizational and technological characteristics of the production process carried out in one particular workplace, and in their totality on the scale of the plot or even the whole plant.

Essential to have forms of organization and types of production they determine. Classification of types of production process are compiled on the basis of certain factors. These include production volume, their range, also the degree of permanence of this item and the nature of the load all jobs. Based on these factors there are the following types of production: the first group - single, second - and third serial - mass. 

Organizational types of production, which are called single - these are production processes in which a wide range of products produced in a single copy, or they are non-recurring or repeated at intervals of time that are not defined. In the process a variety of titleoperations are performed at each workplace (experienced shops, shops of a single production).

The Types of production, called serial, is when a limited range of products is made periodically in amounts which are determined by the parties launch or release. On each particular workstation is running several detereorate, and they alternate through periods of time that is rhythmically repeated. There is a factor standard, called Li, it quantifies the level of seriality. So, when it increases, the level of specialization decreases, in mass production it is the unit. 


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The Types of production, called mass, represent those where a considerable number of continuously produced on a limited range of parts (products). FOR each workplace in this case is only one detereorate. The main condition of mass production is the fullness of the download jobs and equipment release of products only one name.

On one particular enterprise does not have to be only one type of production, meet several. This can be explained by the fact that the level of specialization is low. There is also such a thing as business types, which are determined based on the complexity and nature of output and production volume.

There are only three types of enterprises. The first enterprise of mass production, they produce their entire product range or just the bulk of it continuously.

The Second type is enterprise mass production, producing goods parties, then there is a serial production processes in this case prevail. Within this group, there are a very conventional separation processes on small-scale, serial and mass. But it does not change the qualitative characteristics of the type of organization. This means that in any case, the output alternates duplicate parties.

The Third type is the enterprise unit of production. They produce a wide range of products, which has no rhythmic repetition. In this case, individual production processes are predominant.

The Types of production can have a huge impact on features of management, organisation and economic performance of the enterprise. When increased technical equipment of labor and increases output, shifting from a single type of production for serial and mass. As a consequence, the fraction of the labor of people and significantly increase the costs of maintenance and operation of equipment. The result is the reduction of production costs and changes in its structure. 

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