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Metallurgical plants of Russia are the pillars on which, in fact, is "worth" the economic prosperity of most regions, and the entire state. The industry produces finished products, require rather complicated and laborious manufacturing process.

Almost all the metallurgical enterprises of Russia tend to his territorial location of the source of raw materials available in the region.

There are three main metallurgical bases of Russia, which vary in their fuel and raw materials, production specialization and structure. It's the Ural, Siberian and Central, great not only in its geographical and transport location, but also the scale of production and technical performance.

To the Central database are metallurgical plants of Russia, the Novolipetsk and Cherepovets plants.

Let us Dwell on each of them. The plant, located in the city of Lipetsk, receives coal from the Donetsk coal mines, and raw materials from the Kursk anomaly. His range is simply enormous: it is the steel of many types, and slabs, and cast iron. Therefore, this company is one of the main places in the steel industry of the country.

It can compete and Cherepovets plant, which is located at the intersection of transport routes, thereby has excellent opportunities for marketing their products – cold rolled and hot rolled steel rentals.

Metallurgical plants of Russia belonging to the Ural base, spetsializiruyutsya, mainly in ferrous metallurgy. And one of them is the enterprises located in the Chelyabinsk region, which is considered a leader among manufacturers. Its products – electrical, instrumental, korrozionnostojkoj and other steel.


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In the list of enterprises specializing in ferrous metallurgy, there is Magnitskii holding company, which is able to carry out production in a closed cycle, including the preparation of ore and the administration on the marketing of the finished product. In its assortment includes specprofile, steel billets, steel slabs and rentals.

Metallurgical plants of Russia belonging to the Ural base, get raw materials from Kustanai and Kachkanar deposits.

The Largest metallurgical plants of Russia, located in the Siberian region, – the Novokuznetsk and West-Siberian enterprises that operate on a full cycle, as well as pig - Novosibirsk and Gur.

The share of Siberia accounts for almost a fifth of all produced in the country finished steel and cast iron, and a sixth of steel.

Metallurgical plants of Russia provide ready-made metal products all industries, including construction industry, defense companies, precision machinery, in a word, all those as raw materials used in metallurgical production. They produce steel and cast iron pipes that provides for our country's independence the issue of energy supplies through its own pipelines.

Steel mills are the pride of Russia, because thanks to its rich raw material base and processing capacity, it is one of the key suppliers of metal and metal products.

Times Change, the range of products, moderniziriruyutsya production technology and more, however, the importance attached to the metallurgical industry in the world remains unchanged.

Many of the largest enterprises, belonging to the field of metallurgy, partially or fully owned by the state, and underscores the strategic importance that the Russian government attaches to the development of this sector.

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