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According to statistical surveys, more than 90% of managers answered positively to the question: “if you are Delegating your authority?” But not many of them could reply and tell about how they do it and most importantly - why. What is delegate? Is it really necessary?

delegate it


First try to formulate a clear definition of this action: delegate – to transfer to the subordinated part of the Director's powers with all the consequences. What gives Manager? First, it frees up time to address issues and tasks that are impossible for anyone to pass, and as you know, is the most valuable thing a business person. Second, it allows staff the lower level to gain experience, to learn professionally without departing from the immediate activity, that is to say, “harvest”. And thirdly, delegate – that means monitoring personnel to identify proactive and smart employees who are able to make a powerful and productive team that does not require constant supervision. The whole process of curating is the results of the task and the adoption of the report on its implementation.

delegated duties

Reverse side

If everything is so rosy, why is the top leadership is in no hurry to delegate responsibility, preferring their own to drown in a sea of routine? Here can play the role of our “wisdom”, saying that a good result can only be done by yourself. Someone is afraid to lose control of the team to drop its Supreme status, to discover that he himself can be someone to replace, and also the motive may be the ignorance of whom and what to charge. All these reasons taken roots in low-skilled executives. The ability to delegate is the litmus test for a person occupying the chair patronage of any rank. Such a position implies the ability to manage the entrusted team.

Not and

Let's Try to understand what tasks should be distributed and which remain a priority of the chief. Since any authoritative position involves a broad range of actions, the easiest way is to identify those functions that the Manager must keep.

  1. Motivation clearly cannot be delegated. The distribution of prizes, bonuses, wages, staff members in the posts - it is handled at the management level.
  2. Setting strategically important objectives for any period, too, belongs only to the head. The course always asks the captain, he also holds the maximum information needed for such tasks.
  3. This category includes jobs that require specialization of the chief.
  4. Of Course, this includes tasks associated with risk. So how to evaluate the results of such activities is not always possible, responsibility for them must be the head only. It happens that he himself is not always the performance, due to objective reasons, the consequences of the decision, therefore, should not be delegated to subordinate such moments.


All that is not included in this list, can "pull" down. To delegate rights and responsibilities should be proactive and responsible employees who have the necessary knowledge and skills or able to learn. The first time experiencing this way of working, you may think that delegating – it is an unreliable tool, as it takes a lot of time and effort. However, after some time all the “stand on wheels”, and the car will go itself, and the head will be able to appreciate how much easier it can be the role of leader with the right approach.

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