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The share of milk production accounted for 1/3 of the total food agriculture of the country. Milk and its products are an integral part of the diet of children and adults. It is therefore very important to ensure they have the population in accordance with the norms of consumption. With the task can handle dairy plant, plant. How the dairy industry enterprises that produce and what equipment, read the article.

Design of the dairy industry

To start businesses need to have well-designed projects, dairy plants, which will serve as a guarantee of conformity of the future plant all the standards. With him the permits can be obtained quickly and without any problems.

Dairy shop

The industrial sector dairy is a complex or a milk plant engaged in the production of the product concerned, which includes butter, whole milk powder, cheeses, ice cream, canned milk and many more. For production the company is equipped with equipment selection is carried out during the development of the project.

The tasks of the design

The Main design is to maximize the use of resources with the aim of obtaining high profits. To do this:

  • Define the list of products and calculate the plant capacity.
  • The project to Develop the production processes of all plants and production lines.
  • Choose the necessary equipment for the company's equipment.

Design in stages

To implement this process are as follows:


Staff evaluation: system and methods

Staff evaluation: system and methods

Personnel Assessment allows you to identify how competent the employees involved in the enterprise, and it is the performance of their work – the most significant factor affecting the efficiency of the company. To clarify the impact of performa...

How to start your own business: important aspects.

How to start your own business: important aspects.

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business activities. its essence and basic functions

Business activities. its essence and basic functions

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  • Calculated the design capacity. Determines the range and the volume of further products.
  • Developing the scheme the dairy plant to ensure maximum yield with minimal waste.
  • For each product is determined by the volume of its output, the necessary equipment for its production, and also raw materials and resources.
  • A schedule of all processes for the production of products. It is necessary to calculate the resources is water, steam, electricity, and design engineering services.
  • The Chosen equipment to suit all requirements.

When all stages of the design are fulfilled, proceed to the construction of a new building or converted old. While under construction, the equipment is ordered. Remain to install it and train the staff to work on it.diagram of a dairy shop


To begin a production release, you must first equip a dairy shop. Equipment the complex has several types of various machines and assemblies that performs a specific function. This series of installed equipment called line for milk processing. It includes the following hardware.


This kind of equipment consists of containers in which the reception and storage of milk. This zacatecniky intended for souring of milk by special technology; baths, which are pasteurized, and more.


They secrete milk from the cream. Using the inverse of separators the raw material is purified from foreign inclusions.

Dairy shop equipment

Using accessories, parts milk by fat content. The separator mechanisms can be used to separate similar products.


This set is one of the components of the production lines for milk, milk which has every shop. The equipment is designed for obtaining a finely divided mass and emulsion formations of milk. Homogenizers supplied with the equipment for manufacturing cream, canned milk products and frozen dairy type. the

Heat Exchanger installation

It is the coolers and pasteurizers of different types. The basis of chillers may include freon, chilled water, ice, and propylene glycol. These settings are good because the accumulation of ice which occurs in advance, so the cooler you can turn on as needed and it will perform its function. It is very important to save money, as electricity tariffs set depending on the time of day.

Shop dairy plant

Heat-exchange units are designed for cooling milk. This capacity is irrigated with ice water. Fixture operate at high speed.


The Milk plant necessarily equipped with pasteurizers. They are part of the line for milk processing. They serve to destroy in the raw material of pathogenic organisms.

Projects dairy plants

This is achieved by thermal treatment of milk, which after this process is called pasteurized. Due to this, the product retains its value in full.


This type of equipment included in the lines for milk processing, designed to turn liquid and powder components in the emulsion. Such equipment include plant dairy plant producing cheese pastaand cheese, Margarines and mayonnaise.

Other production plant

The development of the dairy industry does not stop. Usovershenstvuetsya old equipment and invented new. Particularly in demand are installation, which is cheese, cheese, butter, ice cream, condensed milk. The dairy industry has production lines for recovery of powdered milk.

Dairy shop

Every dairy plant is equipped with installations, which helps to meet the hygienic requirements. These include equipment for cleaning and processing devices that come in contact with milk.

Schema milk production

Diagram of a process for the production of milk involves the following steps:

  • Receiving of raw materials. Received at the dairy plant milk is evaluated for compliance with quality, determined by its weight and volume. Then the raw material is pumped from tanks mounted on vehicles, in the container.
  • Clean up from all sorts of inclusions.
  • Normalization, if the company produces such milk. Through this process, is determined by the mass fraction of fat normalized, pasteurized and baked milk.
  • Preparation of mixtures for milk containing different fillers.
  • Pasteurization.
  • Cooling.
  • Added vitamins in milk, if possible.
  • Filling in bags, bottles, cans.
  • Capping packaging and labeling.
  • Storage of finished products in stock.
  • Transportation to the destination.

Modular dairy shop

Processing of milk is the most important sector of the economy. High demand products produced in private firms with small capacities. Mini-dairy plant to produce pasteurized milk, yogurt, sour cream, fermented baked milk, curds, cheese, butter and more. Usually, the range of dairy products such enterprises.

Modular dairy shop

For someone who decides to deal with the issue of dairy products, it is important that his company was compact and profitable. Is perfect for the modular plant, which is a building in the form of a container with a heating system, ventilation, water and electricity. Inside mounted production line equipped with equipment to receive, process and release the finished product, Packed in individual containers.

The advantage of the modular companies: factories or workshops is their compactness. Although they are small, but capable of receiving raw, pasteurized and can ferment it. You can produce pasteurized milk, yogurt, kefir, cheese, cottage cheese. Process control is carried out by remote control. For a change of the modular enterprise is able to process 500-1000 liters of milk.

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