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To Be beautiful – it's art. And as you know, art is always present some part of the craft. That is, to learn to create beauty under the power of every girl, even the most ordinary. Most importantly, the desire to work hard. Harmonious makeup will make the face proportional, smooth skin and expressive features.

First assistant when creating makeup is a concealer for the face. Magic tool to mask any small skin imperfections: redness, dark circles etc. in order to has product looked good, it to start you need to choose and then correctly apply.

You Must know that the correctors come in a Nude (skin tone) and color (for masking stains and other faults). In addition, they are divided into solid, liquid and oil. Which one to choose? It all depends on the characteristics of your skin.

Liquid Foundation for the face is the consistency of the creamy fluid. Available in tubes, glass vials or in the form of automatic pencils. To use such a tool is not easy, because to distribute it must be very fast to achieve a thin and even layer.

Solid concealer more convenient, it is sold in the form of pencils-sticks. This tool does not spread on the skin and does not clog the lines, so it is easy to apply even for those who do not have experience in the use of the corrector. The texture of the pencil is light and delicate and it is composed of vitamin supplements.

Oily facial concealer similar to theatrical Grimm. It is designed for masking circles under the eyes, age spots, and other quite distinct imperfections that it perfectly hides.


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Color correctors come in different textures and shades. Depending on the color they are designed to mask certain imperfections. For example, green concealer for the face is best suited for masking of inflammation and redness, rashes, minor injuries, allergic reactions, vascular phenomena on the surface of the skin). Acts in the same way yellow-beige concealer.

Yellow – ideal for hiding dark spots, pigmented areas of the skin, circles under the eyes. Pink-conceals dark spots. White – “saves” from freckles. Orange – corrects bruises, abrasions, bruises. If on the contrary you want to hide the bright spots (for example, vitiligo), for this is brown corrector. Lilac is good with yellowness of the skin.

Corporal agent used to disguise freckles, alignment of skin color. If the composition includes light-reflecting particles, this will help to visually make them less visible wrinkles.

Sequences are distinguished according to density. If the imperfections are very obvious, then you should buy most dense means, and if they are not really subs – will be sufficient for coloring the base.

To Use the corrector is easy, but you need to follow some pretty simple rules. We must act with intelligence and caution that the result was expected. If the tool is applied incorrectly, can ruin it. So if the corrector for face reviews sometimes has a negative, but the reasons for this are not that means well enough, but the fact that they are incorrectly used.

It should Apply on pre-moistened skin. A small amount of liquid, oily or colored composition neposredstvenno imposed on the problem area and carefully spread it hammered light movements with the fingers. But too much grind tool is not necessary, because it may cease to perform its function. If this is a solid concealer, it is applied over Foundation.

To hide freckles and spots, concealer for the face you need to apply point, but too thick to apply. Can liquid korektori to mix with Foundation, so that they lay smoother and not stand out.

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