Cocktail hairstyles: the main rules, recommendations, description of basic errors


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Wonderful Cocktail style combines elegance, ease and democratic character. It is appropriate for many formal events, devoid of intentional pathos and officialdom. If you are going for a cocktail party, think about the image detail and will definitely be a winner. It is not enough to choose a good dress as well-it's sitting on the figure, without worthy companion in the form of shoes, accessories, nail Polish and hairstyle is not enough. Otherwise all the efforts will go down the drain.

cocktail hairstyles

Cocktail hairstyles, relevant today, is quite diverse. Among them you can find a variety of options that will satisfy the most demanding taste. The range is truly wide: from styling short cuts to multi-tiered designs adorned with accessories. Today let's talk about the basics of style and consider some interesting options.

Basic rules

The First thing to remember is the stylistic correspondence between all parts of the image. Simply put, the hairstyle must be suitable to the outfit.

One Golden rule that must comply with cocktail hairstyles, is the balance between the outfit and the hair. The more complicated the dress and accessories, the less decorations must be in her hair. But simple cocktail dresses are quite in harmony elaborate design of curls, decorated with pins and studs.

cocktail hairstyles for medium hair

The Usual ponytail or hair in a bun, cheapen any look. They create a sense of negligence where it is totally inappropriate. Even more ridiculous it will look with buckle, generously watered varnish. The particular varnish with glitter. This is not true. And indeed the traces of any styling products on the hair is simply unacceptable.


Haircut on long hair to a child. Options for festive and everyday hairstyles

Haircut on long hair to a child. Options for festive and everyday hairstyles

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Pick up cocktail hairstyles, from the length. For short haircuts are often quite accurate placement. Owners of long hair today often choose casual options that combine laid on the nape ringlets and waving locks released.

Cocktail hairstyles for medium hair, which are based on braided tresses, as relevant today as ever. Shoulder length opens up opportunities: the hair you can just curl and style your curls, braid in a French braid, raise the head.

Current trends

Did Not leave the catwalks and pages of glossy Greek hairstyle, trendy for several years. Strict and stylish looks curl-shell, which is decorated with several studs with pearls or rhinestones. Asymmetric types of cocktail hairstyles look young and bold. Their decoration is often used by medium-sized flowers. Often to create an image used tint balms or crayons. Cocktail hairstyles with tinted tresses require a good sense of proportion. If you even slightly overdo it, the result is not pretty and comical.

types of cocktail hairstyles

Today, the best hairdressing experts try to focus on natural beauty. Unconventional shades like ash grey, light pink or turquoise is still relevant, but they should not look forced. Health well-groomed hair is the best decoration.

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