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Human skin is very susceptible to various changes in the body. In addition, it is affected by the environmental factors. Improper diet, stress, poor quality cosmetics and hormonal disruptions in the background have a poor impact on the epidermis. If the skin is problematic, the formation of various lesions is ongoing.

How pimples

Briefly describe the process of maturation of eels by the following algorithm:

  • Skin duct begin to get clogged with excess toxins and fat;
  • In the moment of interaction with oxygen, these harmful substances are converted into white dots;
  • In the sebaceous glands compacted dirt, which converts the white spot in black.

what helps acne on the face

Once in the pores of the skin gets a bacterial infection, it turns out the inflammatory process and the area can be filled with pus. If you try to get rid of tumors by Stripping and combing, you just worsen the situation. You need to know what helps acne on the face.

Causes of formation

Factors that contribute to acne, quite a lot:

  • Problems in the intestines;
  • Disruption of the functioning of the sebaceous glands;
  • Excess toxins in the body;
  • Failures in processes of exchange;
  • The use of cheap and low-quality cosmetics;
  • The lack of the most basic hygienic skills;
  • Genetic susceptibility.

Possible effects on the body of one of the above factors, and sometimes several at the same time. To clean the skin, you need to get rid of the causes of them.


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Of Course, any problem is easier to prevent than to treat. But if it has already happened, we need to know what helps acne on the face. You can use folk as well as the cosmetic as what option to give preference to a private matter.

toothpaste helps the pimples on the face

But in order to reduce the appearance or, more generally, to prevent the formation of acne, you need to perform some simple rules:

  • To Protect the skin from adverse weather events.
  • To Observe basic care, regularly wash and clean the epidermis with cosmetic scrubs.
  • Do Not put your hands to eels for acne helps cleansing, performed by professional cosmetologists. If you squeeze them yourself at home, it can be an infection, which will aggravate the prevailing condition.
  • In order to prepare cosmetic ingredients at home, better use of capacity, which is allowed to wash or treat with disinfectants.
  • The Ingredients used for medical masks, should not be poor quality.
  • Alcohol and Smoking are not the best assistants in the fight for clear skin.
  • It is Desirable to at least temporarily abandon the use of cosmetics.
  • The Volume of fluid consumed during the day should not be less than two liters.


Spots on the skin can remain for a long time, but before you start to understand what helps acne on the face, you must understand some rules. During the treatment of acne it is advisable to adhere to the following principles:

  • Any care agent is applied only on clean and dry skin.
  • Treatment is recommended in the summer-autumn period, as most of the tools for removing pimples, thinner epidermis and dried, and in spring and winter, the skin is deprived of sufficient food.
  • At the time of treatment is prohibited on the affected areas of skin actively affected by ultraviolet light.
  • Simultaneously with the treatment, it is recommended to consume vitamin C as it improves the water balance.
  • Rational and proper nutrition will hasten the healing process.

What helps with teenage acne on the face?

At this age acne is considered quite a common problem. In order to defeat her, you need to find special medications sold in the pharmacy. In such a situation, it is important to use only natural ingredients. To cope with the problem will help “Salicylic ointment” and “Boric alcohol”. And also recommended to use gels having a drying effect, coal-tar soap, and various mask based on the yeast.

what helps acne on the face

To improve the efficiency of such therapy it is important to control your diet. Food should be filled with lots of minerals and vitamins. It is recommended to give up sweets, coffee and carbonated beverages. Due to the dieting will be able to restore and organize the production of the protein, improve metabolism and start natural regeneration of the skin. It is important to know, going to the pharmacy, which means help from acne on the face, as they are able to effectively and quickly troubleshoot the problem. Their choice will only dermatologist, because before the beginning of therapy it is necessary to correctly identify the causes of disease.

Medicinal salves

In a pharmacy storefronts are filled with advertisements designed to entice buyers to buy one or the other tube. So, having come there, has to know what helps acne on the face.

what means help for acne on face

Quite popular and effective are:

  • Gel “They” — he perfectly eliminates acne and prevents the formation of scars;
  • “Retinoic ointment” — it does not just heal the skin, but also removes the cause of many acne, as well as resumes of the sebaceous glands;
  • Ointment “Clinit” and “Sa” are antibiotics and are directed against inflammation;
  • Lotion “Others” in the shortest possible time gets rid of acne, but you must know that the composition includes an antibiotic (erythromycin);
  • Those who are interested, what cream helps from acne on the face, we can recommend "Differin" the drug reduces sebum production and has anti-inflammatory effect;
  • ‘Zinc ointment,” gives a similar effect;
  • “the Sulphur ointment,” has antimicrobial, regenerating and healing properties;
  • “Heparin ointment” is an antithrombotic and analgesic;
  • "besides the" soothes, disinfects, softens and cleanses irritated skin;
  • “Metrogyl gel” means a bactericidal and bacteriostatic action. The drug is active against a variety of aerobic microorganisms, gram-positive bacteria and protozoa. Local use of antimicrobial and Antiprotozoal effect. Those who need to know that will help from acne on face fast, you can easily recommend to use this drug.

Lye soap

This is a great tool that helps with the treatment of acne. Its main advantage is efficiency and availability. It is sold at the hardware store, the pharmacy, supermarket and many other places. Cost is minimal and varies between 10-25 rubles.

what causes of acne on the face help

Indeed, coal-tar soap helps with acne on the face, but now you need to understand the basic principles of its actions:

  1. It has good drying effect that makes the tool very effective for multiple lesions. It is important not to overdo it and not to damage the pimple.
  2. Exfoliating action. In just a few applications the skin becomes more flat and smooth, and will look much healthier.
  3. It Should be noted that this tool is natural and contains a variety of harmful substances.

On the question whether the soap is for acne on the face, you could answer that Yes, it is only a small part of all the useful properties of this tool.


Very often, trouble with the skin are caused by disorders in the internal organs. To solve such problems often prescribed pills. Preference is given to doctors antibiotics because acne is caused by spread of bacteria, and with them the fight that these drugs.

tar soap helps with acne on the face

What pills help acne on the face, must know of the attending physician. Independent use of such drugs to engage in is prohibited. Antibiotics can be prescribed only after a series of laboratory and research procedures. Their composition must contain tetracycline or erythromycin. For an internal appointment from acne are often prescribed and sorbents, for example “Lactofiltrum”. Treatment means of this type are effective only if the problem is caused by intoxication.

Toothpaste helps the pimples on the face

A tool that is used each morning for cleaning teeth, can also be used to improve the condition...

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