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Currently there is a huge variety of ideas for creative and stylish design nails. One of the brightest and most original types of manicure is the so-called “newspaper” manicure. It was invented in France a young but ambitious girl, a beautician, who dreamed of universal recognition and world fame. When it printed a column in an obscure local rag, she decided to do your clients manicure, using pieces of that same publication. She glorified not only herself, but the very newspaper.

newspaper manicureMany fashionistas agree that “newspaper” manicure look unusual, bold and attractive. Each nail will be various original and unique pattern.

Where to get a manicure?

This unusual and beautiful design of nails will take a little time. You only need a little imagination and the desire to be extraordinary and stand out from “grey” mass. However, many masters of nail art offer their services manicure at home, but you must admit that such a creation would be nicer to create itself, it is quite easy and simple. So, let's start:

Where to get a manicure1. Prepare the necessary materials: glossy magazine or newspaper, acetone, varnishes (colored or colorless).

2. First of all, remove the nail plate the layer of old varnish with a cotton swab slightly moistened with acetone or liquid for removal of varnish.

3. Give your nails the desired shape. It should be noted that “newspaper” manicure looks perfect on any nail shape.

4. Gently roll back the cuticle with a wooden stick and well Polish the surface of the nail is specially intended for these purposes with a nail file. In any case, do not use for processing coarse abrasive the nail file, otherwise you risk damaging the nail plate.


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5. Cut out the selected print edition of 10 small-sized squares, given that each of them should be slightly larger than your nail. This is necessary in order to easily remove bits of newspaper or magazine from its surface.

6. Apply nail color to the nail plate without waiting for complete drying, apply a square of newspaper moistened with a drop of acetone, and apply to the nail. Try not to move the paper, otherwise the ink may smear across the nail. Wait until dry, then carefully remove the remnants of the newspaper to the nail and cover with a layer of colorless nail Polish, which will serve as some kind of fixer.

manicure at homeThere is Also another version of this manicure. For its implementation need to stock the following materials: clear lacquer, alcohol, or acetone, and pieces of newspaper. The main difference of this method is that as the underlying (primary) coating is not color, and clearcoat. All of the above stages are identical, as for the first and for the second option.

“newspaper manicure” is ready! Now you know how to use simple and available materials original to decorate your nails! Such nails will please you and attract admiring glances of her friends.

Article in other languages:

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