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In recent years, have become extremely popular essential oil. They are used not only for the treatment of colds and viral infections, but for fighting with excess weight, in cosmetic and restorative products. These are essential oils “iris”. What kind of cosmetics? How do they differ from the usual? How to use them? And what they say about the owner of different types of leather?

essential oil of iris

A brief reference about the company

Essential oils “iris” produces firm or aromatherapy center of the same name. The organization operates since 1994. Since this time the company managed to establish itself as a reliable supplier of quality cosmetic products. The main role in creating the firm's product played Dr. Iris, in whose honor and named the company.

According to the creators of this organization, the center successfully cooperates with various foreign representatives, with their own plantations for growing many vegetable and oilseeds. For example, for the manufacture of anise essential oil imported from Sunny Spain, the fruit of the orange tree – from Brazil and ordinary berries calamus – from Nepal.

What technology is used in “Iris”?

All of the essential oil company “iris” are made by special technology, to help gentle by obtaining useful and needed by the body plant polyterpene or BioACP. Thanks to this technology, in the composition of cosmetic products of the organization are 100% natural ingredients, easily replacing the modern synthetic drugs.


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BioACP is a special biologically active collection of enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins and other elements that have immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory and antiviral, and antimicrobial action. That is why essential oils “iris” Are considered to be exclusive. They are produced in limited edition and belong to the premium products or products mass market.

essential oil company iris

The Company “iris” today

At the moment the company “iris” is one of the most successful in the field urmatoarul and natural cosmetics organizations. It collaborates with more than 50 different foreign representatives, importing to Russia of about 250 species of plant material. The company has a fairly large retail and distribution network. And essential oils “iris” you can buy not only the company, but and pharmacies, as well as the official online store of the organization

What types of products are the company?

Releases CA iris essential oil, cosmetic and restorative means. In total the company's products can be divided into the following groups:

  • Tools for professional aromatherapy (massage and base oils, accessories, books and even videos).
  • Medicinal and healing (herbal teas, essential oil blends, products for weight correction).
  • Biological complexes and cosmetics (the line for men and women).
  • Aromakosmetiki tools (body, hair, flower waters, peelings, anti-ageing oil, sun protective line).
  • Tools for moms and their babies.
  • A series of the field of esotericism (aromatherapy, bio-energy, Feng Shui).

Essential oil “Iris” properties

Essential oil of CA “iris” have the following properties:

  • Antibacterial.
  • Moisturizing.
  • Restore (designed to restore the structure of hair, nails, skin white).
  • Recycling.
  • Anti-Inflammatory.
  • Smoothing (mostly anti-aging products).
  • Relaxing (especially tools for massage).
  • Anti-Parasitic.
  • Anti-fungal and other properties.

natural essential oils of iris

What results can be achieved with oils “iris”?

According to many users, natural essential oils “iris” to help in the treatment of various lesions on the skin. For example, many appreciated the healing line "Antiacne”. It is designed for people suffering from problem skin that is prone to frequent rashes, inflammation and acne.

As manufacturers say, the series itself was carefully planned and designed to have antibacterial, antifungal, antiparasitic and anti-inflammatory properties of essential oils.

According to the accounts of users who buy the company's products “iris”, essential oil from the “Antiacne” and “Acne” really work. According to the majority of them, these funds provide an opportunity to restore an attractive facial features, smooth the skin, reduce inflammation and stop the formation of repeated eruptions. Moreover, oil from the acne give you the opportunity to completely eliminate red spots on the face, remaining after drying pimples and rashes.

essential oil of iris properties

By What means to eliminate acne, you can use it?

TSA “iris” (100% natural essential oils), as we speak, manufactures products to combat acne. This series is represented by creams, gels, masks, cleansers, and cosmetic oils and emulsions. For example, medical masks, included in this healing and revitalizing the series, have a skin anti-inflammatory and healing properties. They also allow you to relieve irritation and redness caused by waste products malicious of Demodex mites.

The Creams in this series have a day and night form. As a rule, they Mat, dried, relieve irritation and redness. Emulsions and lotions designed for superficial and deep cleansing. As users say, they don't just disinfect, but also reduce irritation and heal the skin.

iris 100 natural essential oils

Interesting about base oils

In Addition to the core at the center of aromatherapy can be purchased and basic essential oils “iris”. The feedback help to say how effective they are, how absorbed and what effect can be reached. For those who didn't know: no one uses the essential oil in concentrated form.

However based oils in pure form are kind of diluted oil mixture. Typically, they are used for massage, rehabilitative procedures related to skin care and hair. Such mixture of oil and are referred to as primary, or basic. It is absorbed and penetrate into the body, helping it to absorb all the necessary nutrients and components. They are often mixed with other, e.g. therapeutic or restorative oils, which greatly improves the effect of their use.

Some useful properties of the oil base?

Experts say, for basic, or core, of the oil can be used to create new cosmetic products. Moreover, these oil bases is quite self-sufficient, so they can be purchased for Facials, hair, cleavage, nails, neck. The stories of users, such a basic framework, they add to their night creams, and also used in creating healing and rejuvenating blends for the face. A few drops added to conditioners, shampoos, balms and tonics. And you can use them every day.

So, many users praise the base oil jojoba. According to them, it is perfect for combination and combination skin. It is applied to previously cleansed skin around the eyes, forehead, cheeks and chin. It is also wonderfully smooth and the power is chest area. Some girls use this tool as a makeup base.

iris essential oil

What are the benefits of essential oils “iris”?

Among the obvious benefits of essential oils companies “iris” are:

  • 100% natural (neither one means the company does not contain fragrances, parabens, silicones and dyes).
  • Concentration and economical consumption (for example, for one of the treatments for the face is enough just 5 drops of oil).
  • Eliminates peeling and redness.
  • Eliminates redness and irritation.
  • Does Not dry the skin.
  • Well absorbed.
  • Creates the effect of film on your face.
  • Rolls and cereal remains on the surface of the skin.
  • Moisturizes, cleanses and gives a special glow and velvety skin.

Healing oil company “iris”

According to numerous reviews, the company “iris” is in the presence of many oils that have healing or therapeutic effect. For example, produces a “iris” essential oil "Antimachos”. These tools allow you to avoid re-infestation and to get rid of fungal skin. They relieve itching, eliminate the symptoms, redness and flaking.

A Series of “Antivarikozny mixture” as users say,...

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