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We are not surprised when we see the elderly, with a shock of gray hair. This is understandable – age! But, as a rule, having had a few grey hairs in desperation: once the gray hair has appeared, then, youth is gone. Maybe it's another age? Maybe this way our body lets you know about any accumulated inside problems? Maybe it effects the nervous emotions and stress? Let's not speculate and understand, why is there a grey hair, the cause of which for many seems to be a mystery. gray hair in early ageWhat's happening to them?

Mother nature each of us is endowed with its own individual color of the hair. What we shall be – brunettes or blondes, brunette or blond, – determines our body's melanin-a special pigment contained in the hair follicle. The lower its content is, the lighter we have hair. Gray hair is generally devoid of it, and the cavity inside the hair is filled with air bubbles. So the older we become, the more the structure of our hair bubbles and less melanin. And one day we all will be gray.

Why we go gray earlier?

Scientists say that although melanin – quite a strong pigment, but the external effects he also exposed. His vitality influence, for example, chemical aggressive substances, which we use for hair coloring. Destroy paint pigment, hair fade in the sun and become dull.

But the doctors-trichologists who study early graying, saying that there are several different reasons for the appearance of gray hair before the time.

1. If before there was grey hair, the reason may be due to genetic disposition. Have early graying of the parents in 90% of cases the children will also have premature graying.gray hair cause

2. The second reason is less enjoyable – some diseases of internal organs. It could be anemia, vitamin B12 deficiency, thyroid dysfunction, disturbance in body processes, pigmentation and much more.


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If we can't influence genetic predisposition, in this case, the process of graying can try to suspend. A thorough examination of the body will put the correct diagnosis and explain why there's gray hair. Treatment of the causes of their occurrence should be conducted in the complex, and then we can at least suspend this unpleasant process.

3. Stress, nervous anxiety and stress are also a cause of untimely gray hair.

During stress there is a strong adrenaline rush that the maximum vessels constrict, blood and oxygen cease to act in the cells of hair follicles, and it dies. In this case gray hair at an early age do not appear instantly, but when new hair will replace the old, you will notice a gray hair.

4. Exhausting diets and lack of vitamins in the body also become one of the causes of white strands. Copper deficiency, by the way, can lead to this pathology.gray hair treatment

5. If there prematurely grey hair, the reason probably lies in the loss of bone mass and development of osteoporosis. In this case, after consultation, the doctor will advise you to include in your diet foods that contain more calcium.

Grey hair – it's not a reason for tragedy. Just need to take care of your health and yourself. If it's genetics or age, there is really going to have to accept. But if you had grey hair, the cause of which is easily eliminated, we will review your usual diet, regularly drink vitamins, keep a healthy lifestyle and try not to be nervous. And the beginning of the aging process can be suspended, at least temporarily.

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