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It is Worth noting that the motives in the form of insects is not too popular among those who like to decorate their body with tattoos. With the exception of acts butterfly tattoo on leg, photos of which can be seen in this material. There are plenty of varieties of such compositions. Try to understand that symbolizes butterfly pattern tattoo on the foot, hand, other parts of the body.

Location tattoo

butterfly tattoo on foot photoThe Most popular parts of the body, in which a work is presented by topic, are:

  • Feet;
  • Forearms;
  • Loin;
  • The wrist;
  • The abdomen.

Especially elegant looks at the application of a small, accurate image on the leg. Color tattoo in the outdoor area gives you the opportunity to attract additional attention and is a real decoration of the female body.

As for the tattoo of a butterfly in the abdomen and lower back, in this case to avoid vulgar form allows the displacement of the pattern in one of the sides. The decision creates a hint of romance to feminine charm and will give a composition of rather exotic species.

The Image of a butterfly the most fits on the forearm, shoulder blade. The masters often have to implement these ideas. Therefore, when choosing such places to create a tattoo, do not have to worry about defects appearance and quality of the finished work. Realistic, colorful butterfly that is on the shoulder or shoulder blade, certainly will not leave the girl unnoticed on the beach.

Often a butterfly tattoo on the foot, hand, back, other areas are complemented by ethnic ornaments, all kinds of abstractions in geometric patterns and curved lines, hearts and stars, floral motifs. All this allows you to vary the arrangement and make it original to bole on the background of other similar works.


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Tattoo butterfly on leg – the value in different cultures

butterfly tattoos on legIn the East, winged insect has traditionally been a symbol of the immortal soul, resurrection and rebirth. For example, in China, butterfly tattoo on foot for girls means, first and foremost, longevity and preserve the beauty of old age.

In Japanese, this tattoo is a traditional decoration for young girls. Image fluttering over each other butterflies symbolize marital happiness. If the girl fills butterfly white color, it hints at the search for connection with the deceased person.

In ancient Greek culture, the butterfly is considered a symbol of immortality. The mythological character Psyche, whose name translates as “soul”, was performed on the images in the form of a girl with wings of this insect.

In the tribe of the Aztecs it was believed that these winged creatures carrying the souls of dead warriors to the afterlife. A similar opinion was among the representatives of the ancient Maya, who told the butterfly's ability to protect lost souls.

What does a butterfly tattoo on the leg in the Russian culture? We have such a composition is considered to be an attribute of girls of easy virtue. Therefore, many women try to hide such images, performing them in inconspicuous places.

In Britain, the fluttering insect is associated with fairies – the good creatures of small size that have magic powers and grant wishes of mortals. So here butterfly tattoo on foot for girls is run as a talisman for good luck.


butterfly tattoo on the foot valueThe value of the butterfly tattoo on the foot has acquired by reason of the conversion quite unattractive caterpillars into beautiful fluttering creature. Therefore, the patterning should be sought to the fairer sex, who tend to be firmly steady on his feet, to be independent, to change position in life, to change life in General. Fit the butterfly tattoo those who regret old mistakes and is eager to build the case.


As noted above, in some cultures the butterfly is a symbol of enduring attractiveness. The tattoo in this picture looks to the place on the body of women of all ages. Let the years pass, but the composition made in his youth, will always remain a bright and enchanting look.


what does the tattoo butterfly on legTattoo with image butterfly is a symbol of success, female luck. The lightness of the motives of such songs creates a positive mood that pushes the girl to the implementation of any ideas without worrying about failure. At the same time such tattoo can have for women multiple values, for example, acting as a symbol of inspiration.

Family happiness

The butterfly Tattoo deserves the attention of women who are in search of the beloved, one's own destiny, committed to building a home coziness. If a girl shows respect to the family and friends, would have her just by the way. Positive meaning tattoo with the image of butterflies will allow you to ignore family adversity and remain happy.


The Butterfly acts as a light, windy insect that flits wherever it pleases. So often these tattoos applied to the body of freedomwomen. Many ladies are so you value your own independence, pointedly carry out large butterfly tattoos in the most visible locations. Thus, girls tend to say to others about his position in life.

In conclusion

butterfly tattoo on leg for girlsWhen searching for motifs typical of the fairer sex, the girl should pay special attention to the butterfly (tattoo) on my leg, waist, back and other areas of the body. These drawings are a symbol of lightness, freedom and lack of social restrictions and a certain frivolity. This being said, to resort to the implementation of the ideas recommended brave ladies who do not care to public opinion.

In General, no matter what style the song is and where it is located. The main thing to choose to do the work is reliable, professional craftsman. Only in this case, the figure will delight the eye for many years, and cause genuine interest of others.

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