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In January 2011 on the big screens out melodramatic Comedy by Roman Karimov “Inadequate people”. The film tells about the difficult fate of Vitali, who, after tragic events have moved to the capital and tried to start a new life. In 2017 Karimov shared information that was prepared for the creation of a sequel to the film “Inadequate people" (2011) with the actors who starred in the first part.


Romance Karimov does not differ rapid development of events, the characters do not have supernatural powers, they are-ordinary people. The protagonist of the film – Vitaly Mukhametzyanov. In the past, he has lost a loved one. The loss gave the man sigh quietly, and hometown press. Then a friend Vitaly told him to change the place of residence. So the man moved to Moscow, rented an apartment, found a job. But a friend, who is a part-time psychologist, helps Vitaliy to get started.

inadequate people movie 2011 actors

Man thinks he found a quiet and peaceful place where you can recharge. But a peaceful existence doesn't last long. It turned out that the quiet and polite Vitaly surrounded by strange neighbors.

The Film “Inadequate people" (2011), actors and roles which will be discussed later, received five awards at the film festival “Window to Europe". One of them, the project was honored for blowing the fine acting of the two main characters. So, in addition to the excellent script, the film received recognition and thanks to the actors who literally fit in their roles.

Vitaly Mukhametzyanov

In the film “Inadequate people” (2011) actor Ilya Lyubimov played a major role. His character – Vitaly. In the past, the man lost his girlfriend. In her death, Vitaly blames himself. To escape from guilt and pain, he moved to Moscow. Vitali moves in a multistory house, finds a quiet job, with a friend, who works as a psychologist. He advises Vitaly to start life with a clean slate and forget everything that happened in his hometown.


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inadequate people movie 2011 actors and roles

A Man tries to live a quiet and normal life. But it turns out that his neighbors were a mother and daughter who used to speak in a raised voice. Christina – quite a troubled teenager who decides to diversify boring routine of the neighbor.

Vitaly's Boss provides him with the ambiguous attentions, while the man himself is trying to keep only a working relationship. His partner in the office all the time complaining of family. And even his friend is not who he claimed to be. In such circumstances, Vitaly and does not notice how he becomes a part of this hectic world.


Actors of the movie “Inadequate people” has played a major role in the success of the picture. Debut role, Ingrid Olerinsky that try on the way neighbor Christine brought the girl enormous popularity. The heroine Ingrid – Christina. This is a troubled teenager who brings a lot of problems of his mother. The girl did not want to study, run errands mother is constantly lying and contradict.

actors of the film inadequate people

But everything changes when a neighbor of the family is vital. At first he only helps Christine to improve his English, but soon she falls in love with an adult man. Kristina sees in him everything that is missing all of her peers: reading, courteousness, and reliability. She tries to be as close to Vitali, so often pulls him out of the comfort zone and makes you do something unusual. At first, neither Christina nor Vitaly doesn't know that you've found in each other a kindred spirit.


Many of the actors of the movie “Inadequate people" (2011) not much screen time and only a dozen replicas. But even so the Novel Karimov has managed to fully develop their characters. In the picture the role of the mother of Christine was played by Marina Zaitseva. Her character is a single mother. She raises a daughter, relying only on their strength. Because of this, it is often not at home. Like many, relationship with the child Julia does not add up. The daughter sees her as an authoritative adult. When the apartment next door populated Vitaly, the atmosphere in the house Julia is changing.


The Secondary characters in the film “Inadequate people" (2011) and the actors who played these roles were often the pieces that move the plot in the desired direction. It happened with the chief psychologist of the film.

inadequate people acetre

The Characters some of the actors in “poor people” (2011) was never mentioned by name. Hero Yevgeny Tsyganov remains without a name throughout the film. But this does not prevent him to be one of the key figures of the film “Inadequate people”. In the beginning of the tape it helps Vitaly to settle in Moscow, and gives him professional advice, treats wounds. After an appointment with him leads Julia Christine. And a psychologist help her cope with personal anguish. Although the psychologist does not often appear in the frame, he says the most memorable phrase of the entire movie.


The Role of Marina in the film “Inadequate people” performed Julia Taskina. Marina – main editor of a small magazine. She is accustomed to always get what you want, and when the office gets Vitali decides to achieve it at any cost. Her methods sometimes comes to the absurd Vitaly and cause continuous discomfort.

inadequate people 2011 actors


A Neighbor in the office of Vitaly was Svetlana, played by Anastasia Fedorkova. Light – a quiet and calm person. She's married and already have a child. But the girl is dissatisfied with her life. Husband does not help her with the housework, the son spends all the time playing a mother always teaches her life. At work, things are not better. Marina constantly picking on Light. But this girl Vitaly found an ally in the walls of the office.


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