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Russia – it is a country on earth which has grown and created many great poets. Each of them lived at the time, contributed to the cultural development of the country. Despite the fact that since their lives are a century, each of them are remembered and revered these days.

Pushkin-the great poet

A. S. Pushkin belongs to this category of poets that are immortal. His life ended long ago, but the works alive and relevant as ever. Book of Alexander Pushkin was brought up not one generation.

books of A. S. Pushkin

The literary life of a poet greatly influenced by his uncle, who was himself acquainted with many famous writers of the time. He was able to instill in Alexander a love of poetry. Already at a young age, Pushkin began to write his first poems. Years of study of the poet was not calm, he just didn't want to learn and attitude to what is happening with some disdain. The character of the young poet also was not calm. This is evidenced by his creation. Pushkin was an incredible talent and a unique ability to transfer his spirit through the pen. He was able to find a word that could accurately reflect his condition. Mental agony, drastically changing the mood was characteristic of the poet.

How to create books of A. S. Pushkin

Aleksandr Sergeevich Pushkin books

To create their works of Pushkin approached very responsibly. Despite his stubborn nature, Alexander was a very curious person. This feature and the ability to notice and write down any interesting facts helped the poet to create. The poet was very fond of history. He always eagerly read many historical essays, loved to study archival materials. So later appeared the works of Godunov, Peter I and Pugachev.


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A Unique man and poet, wrote not only about historical figures. Books written by Pushkin, was devoted to the common people. The history preserved the essays, which States that Alexander is very often dressed in an ordinary beggar and loved to sit with them? to talk and sing songs. He went to a fair in the clothes of an ordinary peasant with only one purpose - to listen to the local dialect, to study and learn all about people's need to somehow change and make better their difficult lives. So strict was the poet Alexander Pushkin. His books are so beloved that they're written from the heart. They carry a piece of fine soul of the poet.

Poems and books of A. S. Pushkin

The Ability of the poet to do not know borders. Improving writing, the poet has moved from a more simple poems writing poems. So is born the first book of Pushkin's poetry – «Ruslan and Lyudmila”. It was in 1820, the binding and cover were very simple and even boring. The appearance of the publication did not bring joy to the eyes, but it was necessary to begin to read this extraordinary poem, as immediately became clear that this is a real diamond in a simple setting, and it is more valuable. I guess it was stupid to think at that time the beautiful and colorful cover. The book was published in a very obscure and difficult time for Russia. Ruled by Tsar Alexander I, who became famous as a survivor of Europe, not the country. So time for business and cares about his people he was not strong enough. All this led to a popular disturbance and unrest. A state of the people could not be reflected in the literary work of Pushkin. In his verses, the poet sought to convey to the kings the news that concerned ordinary people. Proof of this is the lines from the poem “the Epistle to Chaadaev"

“…Comrade, believe: it will rise,

The captivating Star of happiness,

Russia vspryanet from sleep,

And on the ruins of autocracy

Will Write our names!...”

These poems and many others will later be collected and included in the book by Alexander Pushkin.

The collected works of Pushkin

Pushkin's Life was full of many different events. Each event is cared for the poet and is reflected in the poems. The result of the literary work of Alexander became the countless wonderful works. Subsequently, it was decided to collect together all the books of Pushkin. The writing of the poet, the work of his life fit in eight volumes. Sadly, a full collection of works was allowed to print only in the year of death of the great poet.

History of "Eugene Onegin"

book of Pushkin's poems

Pushkin's Book “Eugene Onegin” is one of the most serious and wonderful works of the literary heritage of Russia. This work lasted for seven years. As he said himself, Pushkin, writing such serious works was a real feat of his life. The idea of creating a novel poet pushed his difficult life situation. In 1823, Alexander was in exile.

Pushkin's Book "Onegin” consists of eight chapters and covers events from 1819 to 1825. In this period occurred the defeat of Napoleon and the Decembrist uprising. Although the novel is a love story, between the lines still read and tracked all the weight of those years.

The Uniqueness of this novel is that it is written in verse, making it read, and perception very easy. The incredible talent of the poet proves the fact that read “Eugene Onegin”, not want him put down, and the interest to know what will happen in the next Chapter, only increases. Many literary critics called the book a real encyclopedia of Pushkin. And this is no accident. After all, the poet was able to convey not only the essence of the plot, but to show the reader how important it was at that time the sense of duty of each person. Each character was willing to sacrifice not only their feelings, but life in the name of belief. Among other things, reading this book, you can learn a lot about the fashion of the time, what to wear, what was eaten, what were the mores and morals.

Plot of the great novel in verse, “Eugene Onegin”

books Pushkin's essay

The plot of the novel is simple – we will talk about the feeling that can simultaneously inspire a person make it like the happiest man on earth and the most miserable. This, of course, love. Heroes of the novel were Tatyana Larina and Eugene Onegin. Tatiana falls in love with Eugene at first sight. She first reveals her feelings to the hero, but he is not accepting it. Onegin, abandoning the love of the girl, causing her soul and a deep wound that will hurt and bleed to death. Maybe with time the pain subsided, if not for the fact that after years of emotional upheaval Onegin realizes that he loves Tatiana. But together, their loving hearts can not be. Tatiana is already married. Sad was the realization that the reason for such circumstances was their own mistakes.

Teach the novel "Eugene Onegin"

Despite the fact that a great work was written in the last century, it has not lost relevance and interest to readers in our day. Everyone can see in the main character himself. Now becoming more and more pompous and conceited young men, who, rejecting the other person's feelings, not even think about what an incredible pain they cause. The novel also brings up the topic that everything that man makes, can return like a boomerang back. Every step was thought out and carefully planned to avoid errors. It is quite probable, there will come a time when you want to turn back time and fix everything, but it would be impossible.

Book Pushkin's fairy tales

books written by Pushkin

The Genre of fairy tales are very fond of Pushkin. That kind of love in the poet raised his babysitter. As a young child Alexander waited impatiently for the evening to listen to a new story. The poet's tale was not just an entertainment piece, in each of them, Alexander showed all the subtlety of the soul of the simple Russian people. Incredible interesting plot and humor present in these works. Thanks to this all ages really loved Pushkin's fairy tales. The book includes a complete collection of the tales of his authorship, is very high. Throughout his literary career, the poet has created new creations that carried a deeper meaning.

Teach tales of A. S. Pushkin

Aleksandr Pushkin

Books of A. S. Pushkin is the most priceless gift to posterity. In every piece, every stitch is hiding the essence of truth and the hard life of the people. Often hostage to the circumstances people were just because of his stupidity. This is confirmed by the works of the poet. For example, the fairy tale “the fisherman and the Golden Fish" shows the reader that it is impossible to be selfish and greedy person. If you had the chance to change your life for the better, then you need to stop and be happy with what you have, otherwise you can stay with nothing. With regard to “the tale of the priest and his worker Balda” in it the poet showed not only the avarice of the master, but the simple ingenuity of the worker. Indeed, thanks to his inventiveness, the servant is not broken and retreated from the difficulties, and did so as the master, and the demon began to dance to his tune. And such tales of a great variety. But each and...

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