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Voronezh chamber theatre - one of the young in our country. There he had more than 20 years. In his repertoire are intertwined tradition and modernity. In addition to performances, there are exhibitions and lectures.

About the theater

the Voronezh chamber theatre

Voronezh chamber theatre opened its doors in 1993. It is a public repertory. In the troupe are 17 artists. For one season is approximately 180 performances. In the first years of existence of theatre the actors were only four.

For Many years the artists rehearsed and played performances at the Palace of culture of railwaymen. Your premises for 21 years did not have Voronezh chamber theatre. The new building, he received only in 2014. It has two halls. One is designed for 180 seats. The second can accommodate only 80 spectators and is equipped with a transforming stage. The first performance played in the new building, was “Boris Godunov" by Alexander Pushkin.

His performances throughout the years of its existence, was famous for the Voronezh chamber theater. Poster and today it offers an interesting and extraordinary performances. Troupe since 1996, goes on tours and participates in festivals. The theatre has chosen for themselves a way of expression through the actor's individuality. He continues and preserves the best traditions of the Russian performing arts.

A theater Mikhail Bychkov. The performances of Voronezh have repeatedly been nominated and the winners of the “Golden Mask”. Actress Tatyana Kutikina received the coveted award as the best performer of female roles. Performances of the troupe often became winners of various festivals.


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The theatre is in the top ten best and most interesting provincial groups according to the ranking of the magazine "Forbes".

The building also has a cosy café where you can eat, a library where there is free Wi-Fi, and a private recording Studio.


the Voronezh chamber theatre poster

Voronezh chamber theater repertoire to its audience offers the following:

  • "Boris Godunov".
  • Players.
  • "Hidden in the trees".
  • "Mandelstam".
  • "14 red huts".
  • "Before and after".
  • "the Tale of life."
  • Fragile.
  • "the city Day".
  • "sunstroke".
  • "AK and humanity."
  • "the Method" and others.


the Voronezh chamber theatre repertoire

Voronezh chamber theatre is famous for its actors, capable of experiments.


  • Boris Goloshchapov.
  • Vadim Krivosheev.
  • Andrei Novikov.
  • Tatiana Sizonenko.
  • Tatiana Babenkova.
  • Helen Lukins.
  • Anastasia Novikova.
  • Camille Tukaev.
  • Oleg Lukonin.
  • Vasily Shumsky.
  • Anastasia Meisinger.
  • Michael Gostev and others.


Voronezh chamber theater, the new building

Voronezh chamber theater maintains an active exhibition activity. In addition to the auditorium, it features an art gallery. There are constantly exhibitions of works of artists, cartoonists and photographers. The gallery is open on days of performances and open one hour before performances.

The Exhibition, which can be seen in the theater this season:

  • "the antics of Cupids".
  • "Mayakovsky and his contemporaries".
  • Light.
  • "Scenography, costumes".
  • "the Limits of adequacy".

"Tricks of the Cherubs" is an exhibition of the artist Nina Proshunina (Naniki). Here you can see a whole series of her works. Nina collaborated with the Voronezh chamber theatre. She did the artwork for his performances. And created a whole gallery of portraits of actors of the Voronezh theatre.

The Exhibition "the Light". Here are the work of artist Vladimir Potapov. Exhibition called “Light”, as it is a picture of a large cycle devoted to artificial lighting sources. Vladimir Potapov is a finalist and a winner of various competitions.

The Exhibition "Limits of adequacy". This is the work of the artist Kirill Garshin. Here are the pictures that interpretiruya Bible stories through the eyes of the inhabitants of a madhouse.

The Exhibition "Mayakovsky and his contemporaries". Here are photos of the poet. The exhibition is organized jointly with the Museum named after V. V. Mayakovsky.

The Personal exhibition of theatrical artist Alexander Gorenshtein. This talented man has designed more than a hundred performances in different countries of the world. His works are kept in galleries and museums in Russia, England, Italy, America, etc.

The Exhibition "Scenography, costumes". Here you can see the famous theater artist Alexei Hunger. He started his career in the Voronezh theater. Was his main artist. Created set design and costumes.


In Addition to performances and exhibitions, the theatre has an educational project. It was opened in February 2015, the Name of his "Lecture in the theater». Responsible for this project, the actor of the Voronezh theatre Kamil Tukaev.

The Lectures are held on various topics:

  • "Legendary names".
  • "the World theatrical vanguard".
  • "Destroying the fourth wall".
  • "Director and artist - writing of the play."
  • "Visual theatre - what is it?"
  • "Shakespeare and modernity".
  • "Classics and the border of its interpretations".
  • "Live in theater".

Their stories lecturers accompany the demonstration video with excerpts from plays.


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