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The News that in 2011 the famous actress and model Alicia Silverstone gave birth to a son, stirred up millions of her fans around the world. At a time when fans of Alicia searched the Internet for news about mother and baby, many people wondered the husband of the actress and the father of her child – Christopher Jarecki.

Christopher jarecki

Married couple has captured the attention of in 2005. With the birth of the firstborn of the public interest has flashed with new force. After all, a person like Alicia, could not interest the ordinary person. About career, achievements and Hobbies of choice the famous actress and discussed today.

Christopher Jarecki biography

The American of Polish descent born October 4, 1976. Christopher Jarecki – rock musician, actor and radio host. He came to prominence as the frontman of punk rock band S. T. U. N. the Rebel group was formed in Los Angeles in 2000. Due to its text, calling for the struggle for universal social equality, the group quickly became popular. In 2002, the band signed a contract with the Studio Geffen Records. The work of S. T. U. N. it was noted by Rolling Stone magazine and MTV. In 2003 came the only album of the band – “the evolution of the Energy”.

Christopher jarecki biography

Since 2009, Christopher Jarecki is working with a group The Bathroom Murders in the same year they released their first album Anarchiso. In addition to music, Christopher is the host of his own radio show “a Musical journey”, in which he and his celebrity guests discuss five songs and the story of their creation. Stream passes on the waves GTFU radio.


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Christopher Jarecki: the filmography

Rock musician tried his hand in film. In the drama “I will” 1999, describes the adventures of a runaway from rehab addict young people, he plays a cameo role. In a fantastic Comedy “Vampire” 2012, tells about the social life of the two contemporary new York vampire, he had a supporting role – employee law firm. The main female role – young goody vampire in the film was played by Alicia Silverstone. Today it is an entire cinematic experience, which is Christopher Jarecki. The best movies, as they say, lies ahead.

Christopher jarecki best movies

Work Experience on television, Christopher has as a guest actor. Such a technique used by makers of various TV shows – inviting to frame a famous person, they raise the ratings of his TV projects.


Christopher's Interests are not limited to the art world. Since childhood, he plays basketball and has achieved in this sport good results. Even thought about the continuation of sports career, but became seriously interested in music. Now his skill he passes on to the younger generation. Christopher Jarecki is the coach of the Junior basketball team "Little Michigan". Like his famous wife, Christopher is in favour of animal rights and takes part in various charity events organized by the Society for the protection of animals.

Christopher jarecki filmography

The Musician leads a healthy lifestyle. Together with Alicia they follow the principles of strict vegetarianism, do not eat animal products or wear clothes made of natural fur and leather. As true animal lovers, Christopher and Alicia have four dogs. Bulldog named Pig has a very gentle nature and is often rewarded by the opportunity to sleep in the master bed.


Christopher Jarecki and Alicia Silverstone are old friends. Some time Alicia met with the famous comedian Adam Sandler. There were even rumors about the impending wedding of actors. But the choice beauties fell in comic and a rock musician. Since 1997, Alicia and Christopher live together, although the tabloids trumpeted often about the gay actress. The reason for such statements it is not allowed. Only once in the interview very openly admired the beauty of women. Probably this was the pretext for the rumors. After eight years of marriage, Alicia and Christopher decided to create a legitimate family. In 2005 they were married.


The Wedding ceremony in the romantic style took place in the lap of nature, one of the most picturesque parts of the United States – on the shore of lake Tahoe. Wedding dress of the bride was created by the designer Monique Lhuillier – the founder of the famous brand Monique Lhuillier, specializing in wedding and evening gowns. On the occasion of the celebration was mass prepared a gourmet meal, but exclusively vegan food. Lovely couple not hiding from journalists. Alicia Silverstone and Christopher Jarecki, a photo of which was on the main pages of leading publications, looked very happy.

Christopher jarecki photo

The year 2011 for the star couple was marked by the birth of their first child. The boy called Bear Blu Gareki. According to Alicia, she is absolutely happy in marriage with Christopher, he is a great father and husband. Christopher loves his son, so this is an important process, like bathing the child, does not trust even his wife. Despite the efforts to care for the baby, the couple leads a very active lifestyle. Music and art festival Coachella Valley-2012 the family was present in full strength and hit the camera lens.


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