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It is no coincidence that the majority of cultural experts say that the coming century-the century of Asia. The whole world collapsed like an avalanche flow of Japanese cinema, literature, anime. And a lot of movies of exotic, distinctive, a phenomenon that in an instant became the subject of heated debate and deep research. Even the Japanese horror-movie contemplative, with it, the emphasis is placed solely on the visuals, and all the true depth of meaning, moral subtext hidden in the images. Japanese horrorThe Essence of these films focuses't even in the semantic kernel, and in some abstract touches to the human subconscious, the soul. Intricate or sometimes deliberately simple shots that show us the Japanese horror, cause a storm of emotions, a lot of feelings and associations. The plainness and simplicity of the stories is illusory, because the Japanese movies j-horrors instead of the literary sources, or previously captured tapes are based only on national identity mythology. However, the most important thing in these films – this finish, because in most cases only after you can absolutely determine exactly like the movie or not. Hand in hand with a unique emphasis on visuals are the sound effects, and most of all – silence. Thus, in contrast to American or European cinema, Japanese are extremely few cultural references, but plenty of all-consuming aesthetic, frightening slowness of it all. Japanese horrors are doomed to success. And the reason is not even in the originality, the specificity of the stories, not exotic, they are working on the internal side of the picture, as if showing the viewer the events from the opposite side, often in reverse chronological order. Perhaps this kept in terrible suspense until the very end, don't allow the viewer to relax.

the best Japanese horror

Confession obtained through remakes

The international recognition of a Japanese horror received thanks to their American remakes. The most famous of them is “Curse” and “call”. The image of a relentless evil in both films appears in the face of a small child - a dead girl in the “Call” and the same little boy in the “Curse” that cruel revenge for his painful death of guilty and not guilty plea. In these paintings clearly shows the attitude of the Japanese to the spirits of the dead, which is one of the most important and fundamental elements of the national religion of Shinto. With all due respect and even veneration in the films of this genre the Japanese are trying to reassure or, more simply, to destroy the evil represented by these spirits. It is possible to assume, that he was obsessive trying to demonstrate some fear of the spirits of the dead. And people are afraid though something to anger them and thus incur their violent wrath. Japanese “Wake” (1998) Director Hideo roll was photographed in South Korea – the film “call: virus”, and then in the United States – that the “call”. American “Curse” (2004) is a pure remake of the Japanese horror film "Ju-on: the Grudge’, shortly after the success of the first pictures come out ‘the Curse-2”, “the Curse-3”. At the moment, these two films are the highest grossing Asian tapes described the genre suggests that this is the best Japanese horror. But that's not all.


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scary Japanese horror

Scary exotics

The category of ‘scary Japanese horror” include: “the suicide Club" (2001), “Pulse” (2001), bloody “Audition” (1999), the iconic “Princess” (2000) the mystical "Dark water" (2001), non-standard "Prediction" (2004). It is useful to recall the adaptation of a Japanese manga comic book called "Ichi the killer" (2001). And finally, another intriguing thrash of the unique world of Japanese horror films - "Tokyo police of blood" (2008).

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