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“Intern” is one of the most successful projects on Russian television. The audience are closely watching not only the lives of the main characters, but also for news from the life of actors. And, of course, they are interested in a new character Pauline (“Intern”). The actress, who played the role of the breakdown of the student internship, has not previously been seen in serious projects. Therefore, all running through my mind only one question: where did it come from? Who is Pauline from “Intern”? The actress - what's her name? Where she studied? How did you get to the project?

Pauline (“Intern”): actress who played the role, and her curriculum vitae

The girl's Name, who played Pauline, – Ian Guryanova. Yana is a native of the Republic of Tatarstan: in 1987, she was born in the city of Kazan.

Polina interns actressFor a Long time Ian was involved in ballet Studio and seriously planned to be a ballerina. Guryanov wanted to dance in the best theaters of Paris, tearing a storm of applause after each PA.

In high school she became more critical to assess their abilities, so I gave up a stunning career of a dancer, but became interested in music. In the music school, the aspiring actress learned to play the guitar and is now preparing to become a professional musician.

However, Yana Gurianova after school was not the school of music and theatre. Until she turned up her fateful Pauline (“Intern”), the actress had two years of study in Kazan, and then translated in the field into the workshop of Oleg Kudryashov. Already during the training period she was on the set of the picture “hipsters”, however, as a member of the crowd.


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Polina Ulyanov (“Intern”): the actress and her filmography

Periodically, Yana Gurianova was flickering on screens since 2010 At this time the young actress has not even dreamed of such a character as Pauline (“Intern”). The actress was increasingly interrupted by episodic roles: she played her in the TV series “Garage”, appeared in the film “what do men" played the girl with the posters in a fairly original movie “Bums,”.

Polina Ulyanov interns actressThe actress Also can be seen in the Comedy Renata Davletyarova “My family is crazy” Ivan by Stepanovym and Aglaia Shilovskaya in the lead roles, as well as in the TV series «Emergency». In 2011 Ian again called for a cameo role in the Comedy “what else do men”, and in 2012 she played in a TV detective with Vladimir Epifantsev “Setup”.

In 2012, from the series "Interns" decided to leave Kristina Asmus who played Varya Chernous. Male team display internship again required attractive person of the opposite sex, and the creators of the project started its quest. Guryanov was casting but got no response. When the girl had not believed that it is approved, the phone rang: I said that she approved.

A Little about Polina Ulyanova, how about the character

The young actress Yana Gur'yanovoy got extraordinary character which she has not yet played.

the actress playing Polina in the internshipVarya Chernous in the performance Asmus was a shy and fragile. Now, in its place, the creators planned to introduce punchy, purposeful lady named Polina Ulyanov.

Polina from the interns, the actress's namePolina in a sense, even fearless. If all interns are afraid of the terrible Bykov (Ivan Okhlobystin), like fire, that Pauline refers to him without a thrill and a shudder. And a very angry Bykov – as a result, between the characters Gur'yanovoy and Okhlobystin there is a whole lot of funny situations.

Pauline never ceases to get into them and then because she used to say what she thinks right in the forehead. That's why Ulyanova not exactly succeed relationship with some representatives of female staff in the hospital and her relationship with her ex-husband working in the same Department.

The Process of filming “Intern”

However, in real life Ian Guryanova – it's not Polina Ulyanov (“Intern”). The actress is well settled in the already established team “Intern”. Especially warm relationship she had with Ivan Okhlobystin.

actress of the series interns PolinaIn February 2015, has already started the fifth season of popular Russian series. For Yana it will be a second season of participation in the project.

The new season Guryanov entered after a small break. Just like her screen heroine, Yana has happened in your personal life changes: she became a mother. Pauline, on the script, got divorced and decided to return to his old job at the internship. Only this time in the same hospital, goes to work, her ex-husband – Timur, so the heroes Yana Gur'yanovoy and Azamat Musagalieva have any series to sort things out between each other.

Yana Gurianova always warmly about acting and the film the “Intern”. There are practical benefits from participation in this project: during the work on the series, the actress has learned to do injections and to put a dropper.

Other projects

The Actress, who plays Pauline in the “Intern”, could not go unnoticed. In parallel with participation in “Intern”, she was invited to star in the sequel of the Comedy series “Soldiers”. Guryanova stood before viewers this time in the form of Nasty-girlfriend Makarenkova.

In 2014, the actress appeared in a crime film, “Eight”. And in 2015 the main role went to Joanna in the series “Dad for growth”. This time she played the role of the girlfriend of the main character – bartender of Fame, which unexpectedly turned out to be a dad to a three-month baby.

Personal life

We Can only guess about what popular with men is the actress of the TV series "Interns". Polina performed Gur'yanovoy, of course, has a large army of fans. Only now Yana has long been married to financier Alexander. Recently they had a joint daughter-Sasha.


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