Larisa Belogurova: biography and personal life


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1984 Year Screens Then More Movie theaters Left Wonderful Film-Fairy tale Tahir Sabirova " More One Night Arabian". Along Enthusiasm Before Brilliant Scheherazade (Elena Tonus) Boys, Girls Immediately Crazy Love Delicate Beauty Malik, The role Where Played Young Actress Larisa Belogurova. Biography Artist This Was Far Already Not First Cine Experience.

Larisa Belogurova biography

Childhood and youth

Future Star There Light 4 Oct 1960 Year City, Located Beaches Great Russian River Volga, Called Then Stalingrad. Lessons Vocals Choreography, Professional Classes The Early Age Artistic Gymnastics Shaped Talented Adorable Girl, Way Just Sin Not Try Realize Dream Many Girls Become Actress.

The Beginning

After End Training Choreography Specialized Studio, Open Leningrad Music-Hall, First Step Creative Biography Larisa Belogurova Read Solo Performances Music-Hall. There Experience Stage Work Friedrichstadtpalast. Then Remember About First Steps Theater Name City Council In Known Setting "Infanta" Successfully Completed Study Night.

Later Fate Will bring One Famous Theatrical Environment Directors Anatoliy Vasiliev, Leadership It Finish Director's Class, Dialed School Drama Art. Vasiliev Call Later One Most Favorite Students.


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LP - a woman or a man, and is it important?

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The Song

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Ewan McGregor: filmography, biography actor

Ewan McGregor: filmography, biography actor

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Cinematic Biography Larisa Belogurova Start 1981 Year Debut Director . Gasparov Action MovieSixth" Where Girl Play The role Olga, Raised Danilevsky.

Larisa Belogurova biography personal life Then Anxious Image Stella I. Frieda "Free Wind", Removed Explanation Operetta Isaac Trombone, First Main Roles Biography Larissa Belogurova. Photos Young Actress There Posters Enough Known OmeYana Dogileva. And the spectators began to appear the interest to the biography and personal life of the actress, Larissa Belogurova.

Then Chain Went Roles Radda ("Calm Cancelled"), Eastern Beauties Amines ("Adventure Small Flour") Maliki (“ One Night Scheherazade..."). Most Bright Considered Impression Drama Image Girls Ulfat, Compelled Parent Command Link His Life Unloved Picture E. IshmuhamedovaGoodbye, Greens Summer...».

All Published Variations Biography Larissa Belogurova Quoted Significance, Allowed Understand , Personally for It Most First Incarnation WasConsciousKinorabotoy.

actress Larisa Belogurova biography1986 Year Remember Larisa Next Home Role Dramatic-Music Movie Social <...

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