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The Memory of famous people who are long dead, will forever remain in the hearts of relatives, friends and other connoisseurs of art. Alex Wild – this is a man with a capital letter. Its popularity today has not lost its relevance. And works with his participation in theater and film make you think not only the older generation but also younger audiences. Who is this talented and unforgettable people?

Alex wild

Curriculum vitae

Birthplace of the actor and Director Alexey Denisovich in February 1889. His native city was Yekaterinoslav, where he was born and raised. And there the young man began to get involved in theater and film.

The Starting point in his life, according to close to the environment of the actor, became the literary works of such prominent Ukrainian drama writers like Panas Saksagansky, mark Kropivnitsky, Maria Zankovetska and Ivan Karpenko-Kary. At the time Alex Wild is so fond of reading that I desired to be a people's artist.

The Implementation of the plan as conceived by Alexey began with participation of young talents in the Kharkov theatre group sukhodolskiy. When the child was six years old, he played in his first play. To the surprise of the parents of the baby so was able to get used to the role that he was immediately noticed by the right people. In particular, the burgeoning talent in the little boy considered Ilya Uralov, later invited the Wild into a small section of contemporary arts at the arts theatre.

Alex wild photo

Granite science and the first steps in the acting career

When Alex was 20 years old, he decided to pursue acting at a professional level. To do this, Alex Wild (a picture of this remarkable Soviet artist can be found below) went to Moscow, where he quickly took a special acting class. His teachers at that time was the theatre teacher Vakhtang of Mchedelov and Director Konstantine Marjanishvili.


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A year after his move to the capital of the aspiring artist went to the main part of the Art theatre. It was there and got one of their small roles in the production under the name ‘Living dead”.

Alex wild actor

Partial change of roles

At the end of 1911, Alex Wild has received the diploma of theatre courses and decided to try his hand at directing. For this, he agreed with the representative office prechistenskiy rabfakovskaya courses that allowed him to lead a small drama club. This time Alex came in handy already obtained previous experience of drama, combined with his unusual creative approach to learning.

At the same time the actor played in the plays. So, it can be seen in the role of Misha “Provincial” (lovely production based on the work by Turgenev). He also coped brilliantly with the role of Alyosha in the play "On bottom" (M. Gorky) and participated in the production of "the Death of “Hope”", Hermasa.

The War and a short break in her acting career

Despite the growing popularity, Alex Wild (popular actor and theatre Director) was forced to take a temporary timeout. Such decision was accepted in connection with the beginning of the First world war.

According to his own words, the war years were for him a terrible ordeal, so as not carrying anything useful and was characterized by wasted time. Three years later he returned to the stage of the Maly theatre (Moscow art theatre), where he had to play in Lviv and Epikhodov in the performances of «Ivanov» and «the Cherry orchard" (on Chekhov).

Alex wild biography

Master of acting and theatre directing

From the beginning of 1918 Alex Wild was invited by the actor to the scene in the first Studio, later renamed the little theatre. There he was fortunate enough to play roles in plays based on the works of domestic and foreign authors. For example, at this stage, he was Duke John of plays “Eric XIV”, played the role of Probings in “the Cricket on the hearth" (CH. Dickens) and Molchanov staged "Waster". In short, at the time a young man was entrusted the role of colourful and mischievous characters.

In Parallel with the game actor Alexei Denisovich Manila direction. So, in mid-1919 he was able to work on the play “Flux” (G. Berger) and show this play on the stage of the Vakhtangov Studio. After about three years the promising Director has performed a new work called "Green bird" (by A. Schnitzler). Moreover, this production was a landmark for Wild. As it turned out, it praised not only the audience but also theatre critics.

Later Alex Wild (biography of the theatrical figure full of creative successes and spectacular works) put another play that created a furor around the film community. It was called "flea" N.With. Leskov.

Alex wild wife

Other directing productions and work at the Bolshoi drama theatre

At the beginning of 1928 Alexey Denisovich engaged in the creation of a new show called “the man with the briefcase”. Premiere of the play took place in the theatre of the Revolution. Then he was invited to tel Aviv, where the Director has successfully worked in the period from 1928 to 1929.

Still later, Alex Wild (private life which remained on the second plan after creative activities) organized his own theater workshop, where he conducted training for those interested in learning the subtleties of acting and directing. With this young team Wild put his legendary “Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk”.

In March 1936, Alexei was appointed to the post of chief Director of the Bolshoi drama theater, where he put a lot of great performances, among which are the following:

  • “Rusalka”;
  • “Men of Cattaro”;
  • “Scenes from knightly times”;
  • “Big day”;
  • “Burgers” and others.

Personal life

Since Alex was a creative person, his personal life left much to be desired. He was often in love, but this feeling was so fleeting and only helped him to make a certain touch of variety to the work. But met the one Alex Wild. His wife was not famous.

And although his beloved the Shura not much is known, eyewitnesses say, that her the actor was afraid of fire. According to them, she was of small stature, but spoke very loudly, especially when I was scolded by the Director. So Alex often "fall to nuts”. And sometimes it was even deserved, as because of its creative nature, the artist often transgressed light love affair.

Alex wild private life

Alexey Wild movie

Special attention in the life of Alex Denisovich deserves his career. Although it belongs to the Treasury not as many roles, all of them are associated with famous personalities, politicians and statesmen. So, at the time the actor played Admiral Nakhimov, the great commander Kutuzov and Stalin. For the role the latter has received personal praise from the chief.

In October 1955, the beloved artist was not alive. Following the sudden death of Alex Wild was buried in the second section of the capital Novodevichy cemetery.


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