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Movies about heroes of MARVEL comics lately very popular. The audience noticed that there are films about superheroes, which are interconnected. Is a production of MARVEL Studios, who creates the universe “Avengers”. All the parts in order (the list) you will find in this article.

the Avengers all parts of the order list

In kynoselen MARVEL does not include films made on comics by other studios (stories of spider-man, fantastic four, X-men). The release of films divided into three phases. The first and second, for 6 films each, completed. The universe of “Avengers” also includes short films and TV series.

“Iron man”

The First film in the series “Iron man" (2008) introduces us to one of the characters in the universe of “marvel’ – Tony stark. This brilliant inventor and industrialist, while in captivity, developed a high-tech exoskeleton, powered by a powerful energy source. With the new design, he becomes a superhero.

iron man 2008

In the film “Iron man" (2008) the viewer first meets with Nick fury of the organization shield, which offers stark to create a team of superheroes – “Avengers”. Please note that every movie after the credits there is a little stage, clarifying the relationship of the parts of the crossover.

“the Incredible Hulk”

In the film “the Incredible Hulk" (2008) a new history of the transformation of Bruce Banner into the Hulk. A scientist is exposed to radiation in an experiment to create super-soldiers. In anger, banner transforms into a huge green man named Hulk. He's hiding from the military who want to use it, defeats the pursuing enemy the Abomination (soldiers exposed to radiation) and in the end learns to control her powers to transform into the Hulk.

incredible Hulk 2008

The Film “the Incredible Hulk" (2008) is a continuation of the "Hulk" 2003. The purpose of the new ribbon – not only to tell the story of the Bennet, but also to demonstrate that he lives in the same world as Iron man, their relationship. At the end of the film States that the Hulk will also be a team member “Avengers”.

“Iron man 2”

This is the story of Tony Stark. In this film, the inventor perfects his suit, receives “inheritance” of the father in the tooltip to create a new chemical element and successfully synthesizes it, and defeats the evil Russian physicist, save Manhattan and his beloved.


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In the film “Iron man 2” (2010) more acquainted with the organization H. I. E. L. D. and its head is Nick fury, an assistant stark warrior and Natasha Romanoff, known as Black Widow. At the end of the film, the agents of the organization S. I. T. find during the excavation of the hammer of Thor, that connects this film with the following part of the crossover.


In the film “Thor” (2011), we are introduced to a very proud and arrogant God of Thunder, whose father is One for disobedience banished to Earth from another world – Asgard, depriving forces and weapons – hammer Mjolnir. In exile Thor finds his love, finds the strength and Mjollnir, and saves the Land.

iron man 2

The Film “Thor” (2011) introduces us to the cosmic part of the crossover, the characters of Thor and Loki. The attentive viewer will see and Hawkeye. At the end Nick fury gets a mysterious energy source.

“the First avenger”

The Film “the First avenger" (2011) introduces us to another character. There is a Second world. Steve Rogers, the protagonist, wants to get to the front, but do not take him into the army because of pain and weakness. The young man agrees to participate in the experiment to create a super soldier and becomes the only successful prototype, having acquired great physical strength. Captain America stops terrorists who took control of a mysterious energy source in the form of a cube, and in a coma for 70 years to awaken in our time.

Thor 2011

In this film we learn about Tesseracts, organization ‘HYDRA" of Captain America and Bucky, looking at the emergence of the organization H. I. E. L. D. (Strategic Scientific Reserve) and meet with the father of Tony stark, Howard.


In the film “Avengers” (2012) the organization H. I. E. L. D. under nick fury brings together a team of heroes: Hulk, Thor, Iron man, Black Widow, Hawkeye and Captain America. Together the superheroes to stop Loki, who is trying to destroy the Earth with Tessaract (the same mysterious energy source). This completed the “Avengers” (all parts in order, list), more precisely the first phase of kynoselen.

“Iron man 3”

“Iron man 3” (2013) – the story of the audience favourite Tony Stark. In this film Iron man, along with his friend the warrior is fighting with the terrorist the Mandarin. This movie was the worst received by fans. In the end, after the credits, it turns out that all events stark told Bruce Banner during a session, but the doctor fell asleep.

“Thor 2: the dark world”

What are we preparing the next kinosalona “Avengers”? All parts of the order which we make, continues the second movie aboutThe God of Thunder "Thor 2: the dark world” (2013). On Earth begin to occur anomaly, the objects disappear and appear in other places. Girl Thor - Jane foster - falls into one of the anomalies, and it permeates the Air. Thor, watching the woman learns about her disappearance, finds and moves to Asgard.

the first avenger 2011

The force of the Aether awakens Malekith, whose army attacks Asgard. Loki helps Thor and Jane to enter into the Dark world to extract Ether from the body of the girl, but dies saving brother. Further, the heroes stop the rapprochement between the worlds and save the Earth. The air passed to the custody of the Collector. It turns out that Loki is alive and took the shape of Odin. Thor returns to Earth.

“the First avenger: the Other war”

The Film “the First avenger: the Other war" (2014) – one of the best in the series. Captain America slept through more than 60 years, starting to get used to the modern world. But the organization ‘HYDRA’ does not sleep, and soon he come again to save the world in the company of the Black Widow and the Falcon.

Captain America faces the Winter Soldier, who turns out to be his friend Bucky Barnes. At the end of the film show that ‘HYDRA’ took possession of the scepter Loki and studies him, and also examines two new characters – Quicksilver and his sister Scarlet Witch.

“Guardians of the Galaxy”

The Film “Guardians of the Galaxy" (2014) became one of the favourite for fans of the crossover, and certainly the funniest and coolest. A couple of Groot and Raccoon charmed the audience, and the phrase “I am Groot” became a symbol of the movie and spawned a meme on the Internet.

the Avengers 2012

In the frame represented a motley company consisting of a grounder and thief Peter quill, assassin Gamora, Drax the Destroyer, a sentient raccoon named Rocket and a tree-like humanoid Groot. Guardians of the Galaxy are fighting for the mysterious Sphere, which is also an Infinity Stone (along with Aether and the Tesseract).

“Avengers: age of Ultron”

Fans waited eagerly for the film “Avengers: age of Ultron" (2015). In hire it has collected more than $ 1.4 billion, which allowed this part of the “Avengers” to enter the top ten highest grossing films in history.

The Heroes are trying to seize the scepter of Loki, which is the organization ‘HYDRA", but met with the resistance of Mercury and the Scarlet Witch. They become serious adversaries, as a girl with her own abilities gives the Avengers their greatest fear – an assault on Earth, the fall of Asgard, loss of control over abilities and such. On their side stands Ultron, which was created by stark to protect humanity.

Two new avenger that appear in the film, Quicksilver and scarlet Witch, according to the comics, are the children of Magneto from the universe of “X-Men”. But due to the fact that this series is not included in kynoselen, their origin changed.


The Film “ant-Man" (2015) introduces a new character and becomes the last of the second phase. The main character, Scott lang, is an engineer and a thief. He gets out of prison and embarks on a new case. In one of the houses his accomplice found a large box, but inside Scott is not money and gold, and strange costume, and it turns out he is able to reduce the person to microscopic size.

the Avengers all parts of the order list

Lang becomes the new Man-ant under the leadership of his predecessor. This ends the second phase of kynoselen (“Avengers”, all the parts in order). The list of films will be replenished in 2016, with the start of the third phase. As part of this project, there were 12 feature films – 5 short films and 8 television series.

Third phase

We Continue to consider we are interested in kynoselen. “Avengers” (all parts in order) a list of your continued new stories. In the third phase (2016 and 2019) is expected to yield ten more movies. In 2016, the audience will be presented two films: “the First avenger: the Civil war” where there will be a Black Panther, and “Doctor strange”. In 2017 is expected to “Guardians of the Galaxy 2”, “spider-Man” and “Thor 3: Ragnarok”.


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