Billy Owen: from mechanics to zombie-actors


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A Simple American mechanic Billy Owen, who lost his right eye due to cancer, not depressed, not addicted to alcohol, he found a new calling and retrained in by zombie.Billy Owen

Diagnosis like a death sentence

Life American Billy Owen (Billy Owen), mechanics, servicing sport bikes, participating in motocross, to 2009 did not differ from hundreds of others. He was quite well known in Oklahoma as a good specialist. A loving husband and father of a baby boy and could not think that soon he expects a tough test. According to his confession, he suffered terribly from headaches, not being able to breathe freely due to the fact that the right nostril was always laid. Not giving importance to the symptoms, blaming the malaise on the aggravated sinusitis, Billy did not think to seek professional medical help. But at the insistence of the spouses agreed to be tested. The diagnosis was disappointing. Doctors discovered he had a rare form of cancer - sinonasal nizkotemperaturnoi carcinoma (SYN. anaplastic cancer). The tumor, characterized by aggressive course, required urgent surgical intervention as, according to the statistics, with this cancer survive at least 10% of patients.billy owen

Unfavorable consequences

During the preparatory stage, the doctors found that men cancer has spread far enough, so during the operation, Billy Owen not only lost the right eye, but also partially of the muscles and nerve endings in the right half of the face. The patient had almost disappeared sense of smell, and when he removes a dental plate, you can easily stick his finger in his mouth, and he will appear in the empty right eye socket. According to Owen, in the rehabilitation period, in addition to emotional and psychological discomfort, most of all, he suffered from phantom remote itching of the right eye. Coming out of the clinic after completion of the rehabilitation period, the hero realized that he could not continue his career. “I shall not endanger the riders. Can miss some little detail that will cost the athlete life,” said Billy Owen. The one-eyed ex-mechanic, critically assess your current appearance, decided to become a professional performer of the roles of zombies, monsters and other vermin. Without thinking, he made a photo portfolio using his injury as an advantage, and sent it to the biggest film studios of America. Ever since Billy Owen found his new calling. It is quite popular and is actively starred in the horror films, music videos and television shows like the Venice Beach Freakshow.Billy Owen the one-eyed

Shocking freak

Currently, Billy Owen is a regular participant in “freak Show" (Freakshow). This popular U.S. reality show AMC is producing Todd ray, who, leaving a successful career in the music industry, together with his wife tries to combine the extraordinary people who call themselves ‘freak”. Todd ray in a media interview warmly of his players, including Billy. According to him, the appearance of Owen at first shocking the audience, but when looking know his story, they abruptly change their attitude. Billy himself expects that public speaking will open the more prospects, paying no attention to the charges of exploitation of their appearance.

Family harmony is more expensive all the best

Of Course, in the postoperative period Billy was overcome by a deep sense of despair and depression that had ruined relationships with loved ones. Now the man picked himself up and tries again to support his family. He claims that he can't even imagine what survived his wife, so infinitely grateful to her. And the son is Billy the only person who never looked at him differently.

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