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Impressionism in literature has had quite a lot of weight, and its strongest effect was observed already from the end of XIX century. It is worth noting that not only literature learned what impressionism, but other fields of art e.g. painting. But back to the field. Impressionism in literature is absolutely not proved to be completely homogeneous phenomenon that was common to many currents. On the contrary, impressionistic elements have been actively pursued writers who had previously worked in different trends and different directions, namely: realism, naturalism, symbolism and neo-romanticism. With all of this is to draw attention to the fact that national literatures such differences were also observed in particular for the Russian, French and German.

Research scientists greater complexity in terms of studying is precisely the synthesis of elements that were embodied in impressionism. Incidentally, this was the subject of a great number of works about the poetics of this direction. For example, one of the most powerful works is the monograph "Impressionism", where the notorious L. Andreev reveals the features of the artistic image of the symbolists. One should not lose sight of the merits of the other authors, for example John. Rivaldo and R. Collingwood, who dedicated many pages to the development of this area.

By the Way, it is necessary to provide a succinct interpretation of this term. Impressionism – this is a special direction, which originates in the 19th century in France; it was based on reality and variability of the surrounding world. In fact, this world and tried to capture the artists brushes and words.


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Over time, impressionism in literature has become more clear, bright. More attention began to he paid to domestic researchers, who were looking for hints of this trend in the lyrics of Anton Chekhov and Athanasius FET. Also a bright representative was Ivan Bunin. Generally Silver age of Russian literature was a revelation in terms of impressionism. The same can be said about the literary work of the authors of Ukraine, where close attention has been the work of P. Yarchuk. However, all these steps were made in order to solve the main literary task – to study impressionism in all aspects, and all this required, and still requires special studies.

Impressionism in literature has made a key change – he reformed the concept of “plot”. The structure was based not on some General impressions, and specific perception, the experience of a moment, a special lyrical impression. Because of this, the plot was not a situation, it was a sea of nuances and sensations that were impregnated with creative sketch. Incidentally, the French poet mallarmé immediately described the sense of a new direction, indicating that all is not based on the represented things and the effect they will produce.

The Central focus of thoughts and ideas for the Impressionists is a poetic world of nature. Stories passed through the most genuine, unique, natural. Actively reveals many writers. For example, guy de Maupassant wrote his famous masterpieces of “Mont-Oriol” and “Life”, which are based on landscapes in a new manner image. All impressionistic traits closely intertwined with a realistic plot. The author notes every detail in change of nature, its colors, emphasizes the role of light. Sometimes the emphasis is on psychological description of that earlier already reflected in the creations of artists.

In the poetic world impressionism is derived from the symbolism that is explained by the sensibility, the subjective expression, suggestively and musicality. However, it must be emphasized here and butlerovskie the law of correspondence which United these two areas. In the poetic world in terms of impressionism noted Boris Pasternak, Paul Verdun and stéphane mallarmé, as well as many other great authors of that time. All the visions of their world was based on creating a realistic “sensitive” of the landscape. Perfected the art of modulations and transitions that generated a creative method.

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