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Today we talk about the movie "Main battery". The actors are presented next. It was a military picture, consisting of 12 episodes. Directed by Mikhail Shevchuk.


main caliber actorsFirst, let's discuss the plot of the movie "Main battery". The actors will be presented next. The plot tells the story of how scout, performed in 1943, the task to eliminate the secret Nazi base, the grandson of Sergei leaves diary entries. The last is a young and successful film producer, who decides to make a film called ‘the Diary of captain Telegina”. With the crew he goes to the place of the events described. In parallel, Germany Gerhard is a young man inherit the record of the war years, as well as drawings of the bunker. His grandfather - a former SS officer.

Gerhard decides that the bunker is hidden gold Himmler. He starts his own expedition to the place where you are shooting. He believes the film – is just a cover. The German is convinced that the Russians under such a pretext also busy searching for treasure.

Basic members

Producer and Director Sergey Gorodetsky and Gerhard heroes of the film "Main battery". Actors Marat Basharov and Alexander Kulkov embodied these images. We'll talk more about them.

Marat Basharov was born in 1974, 22 Aug. He is an actor and TV presenter. After leaving school he became a student of Moscow state University. Further educated in the school of Schepkin. In the theater, “Contemporary” played in the formulation “the Canterville Ghost". At MSU the training did not continue.


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Alexander Kulkov born in 1974, 25 Aug. Trained in VTU M. S. Shchepkin. Taught a course at the University of Illinois. Is a Professor and the head of the Department of plastic education. VTU M. S. Schepkin teaches stage movement and fencing. Acts as DJ and host of programs.

Other characters

actors of the movie the main caliberAnna's Father named Anatoly and Katherine also appeared in the movie "Main battery". Actors Yuri Chernov and E. it fulfilled these roles. Maria Kulikova has played Anna - wife of Sergei Gorodetsky. The actors of the movie "Main battery" - Prokhor of Zikor and I. Danilenko has played the role of policeman Fyodor and Elizaveta Kruglova - retired major of the GRU. Daria Shevchuk played their namesake - the daughter of Catherine. M. Barry appeared in the film as Maxim. E. Vilkova played Anastasia, a journalist from Moscow. Yuri Sysoev embodied the image of captain Tenigina. Heydar Sadikhov appeared in the story as Buba. Ruslan Gadjiev played Seeds. Alexey Faddeev played the role of the operator's eyes. Glafira Tarhanova remembered by the audience as Lyudmila.

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