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In 2011 in rolling out the project directed by Chris Gorak, with the support of the notorious producer Timur Bekmambetov, tells about the extraordinary adventures of Americans in Russia and demonstrating Moscow, Red square, night clubs, underground, nuclear submarine in the Moscow river and Gosha Kutsenko on the horse. In the movie "Phantom" (2011) actors to give everything a hundred percent.

Gosha Kutsenko

Unrealistic expectations

The Darkest Hour, received in the domestic variations of the name “Phantom”, before its premiere is positioned as a rather ambitious project and was looking forward to. It seemed that he once again confirm the contention that “the movie, which will be on display the mass extermination of humanity, by definition, bad can not be». Besides the main location of the picture was the capital of the Russian Federation, which gave hope that compatriots will be something to look at. These factors were reinforced by the participation of T. Bekmambetov (“our in Hollywood”), which should not have been allowed to fall into the mud of mother Russia. The result did not save the film “Phantom” (2011) the international actors nor caste, neither above-mentioned factors. The picture was an unpleasant exception to the rule, being a very inspirational story that contains a significant share of outright nonsense and the masses of inconsistencies in the narrative. The tape IMDb rating: 4.90 reviews, mostly negative.

The Darkest Hour

Description fable intrigue

The Story began not bad. A couple of young American programmers, Sean (Emile Hirsch) and Ben (Max Minghella), who wrote a promising application that allows you to find friends all over the world, arrive in Moscow to discuss the possibility of financing his invention. But their business partner (Yoel Cinnamon) refuses to cooperate. Guys go to one of the capital's clubs to dull the disappointment a fair amount of alcohol. There they meet compatriots Anne (Rachel Taylor) and Natalie (Olivia Thirlby). In the film, “Phantom” meanwhile, night falls, and in the darkest hour the treacherous planet is attacked by aliens. Aliens represent phantom glowing orbs, devouring electricity and incinerating people. The main characters manage to hide in the basement of the institution. And when five days later they risk to come to the surface, you see that the world has experienced a real Apocalypse.


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The Undoubted dignity of the filmmakers is to avoid the broadside of the interpretation of Russian reality. In the film, “Phantom” (2011) actors not to distort the native language of us don't participate in the chants around the fire under the balalaika and feasts with copious consumption of vodka.

the actors of the movie "Phantom" (2011)

The music

The acting of the film “Phantom” (2011) was subjected to merciless criticism from reviewers. Some have said that it itself was not at all. Whether it is in the experience of the performers, whether in written cliche characters, but the heroes were feigned emotional, and their typical behavior for tape-disasters looked unconvincing and boring. Characters actors fatally inexpressive. This deplorable feature applies to all, from the core of the ensemble cast Emile Hirsch to appear sporadically Arthur Smolyaninova. However, if not for the presence of “Phantom” Emile Hirsch, one would think that you got to watch independent patterns. Surely the actor has agreed to participate in the project because of meeting with the Director during the production of “Kings of Dogtown”.

scene from the movie "Phantom"

Two groups of characters

In General, all the heroes of the tape can be divided into two distinct groups. Those who perform the role of Americans, yesterday was the tourists who came to rest, and now act in the role of the real fighters for survival, ready to lay down his head at the battle of ball-shaped aliens. And the other actors of the film “Phantom” (2011) playing compatriots, the Russians, are incredibly adapted inhabitants, able for three days to transform the home into an impregnable fortress and reinvent existing weapons to destroy the aliens.

The Hero Kutsenko with the slogan “We have nowhere to retreat. For us Moscow” better to leave without comment. Gosh this horse armor is supposed to embody the patriotism of the inhabitants of the Russian Federation, but the sad hipertrofiada to Paphos form. Although Russian movie shown smarter foreign guests of the capital. For example, if you compare Vika (Veronika Vernadskaya) and the same Natalie, the first was resourceful and quick-witted, and the second is particularly hysterical. Russian inventor Sergei (Dato Bakhtadze) represents the benchmark of the keen scientist although some crazy.

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