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The Most popular plot of a melodrama is a story about a girl from the provinces, who decided to conquer the capital. But in the life of the heroine of the film "The two banks of the river" all the way. She left Moscow, is sent to the boondocks where and finds happiness. Who played the main role in the TV series "The two banks of the river"? Actors, roles, and the story presented in this article.

the two banks of the river actors


Sasha was born in a small village. A couple of years the girl's mother decided to move to the capital because there before it opened up much wider prospects of a professional career. Now grown up Sasha lives in full prosperity. She graduated from a prestigious medical University and is preparing to do an internship in one of the leading European clinics. In addition, she plans to marry a young man who also comes from a wealthy family.

But two events dramatically change the lives of the main character. She becomes a witness to a vile betrayal of a young man. Naturally, after this event about any wedding speech can not go. A little later the girl learns that her biological father Nikita Komarov is still alive. He also continues to work as a paramedic in his native village. Sasha decides to go live in Russian province. Nikita with open arms to meet his daughter, who for him left the Institute and fed the capital. In the village the main character hopes to find application of their knowledge and abilities, becoming a pediatrician.

"two banks of the river": actors

The Main role is played by Polina Filonenko. Sasha's father — Eugene Ganelin. Dmitry Mukhin in this melodrama played the frustrated husband of the heroine. Alexander Pashkov — a modest village teacher.


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Olga Burlakova

After Moving to a small home, Sasha gets a lot of new friends. Among them Antonina — a woman living in the neighborhood, and her children. Villagers played Natalia Volchek, Olga Burlakova, Nicholas Fall. The role of the hapless tractor performed Oleg Tkachev.

In the film "The two banks of the river" actor Alexander Kasparov appeared in the form of a rural official. And Julianna Mikhnevich clearly played a local shop. Other actors ("The two banks of the river"): Nicholas Rabuchin, Igor Denisov, Igor Filchenkov, Maksim Krechetov, Sizova Olga, Tatyana Garkusha.

Polina Filonenko

The Actress was born in 1986 in Leningrad. Parents of Poliny have no relation to the world of theatrical art, however, from childhood, she dreamed of the stage. Not studied carefully, but found time to visit the theater Studio. In high school, Pauline decided on a career choice after graduation entered the School of Russian drama.

He made his film Debut, as a student of the 4th course. And the first experience on set was pretty good. Polina Filonenko confirmed for the lead female role in the movie "Crime and punishment". Her partners on the set became Yuri Kuznetsov and Elena Yakovleva.

After this debut, aspiring actress for a long time refused to play in the series. She gladly agreed to play the main role in the film "All will die, and I will stay," and several years later it is still played in the series, but not the worst. Pauline performed the role of the girlfriend of the main character in multiserial film "I'll be back". She later starred in such films as "Love without rules", "Therapy of love", "the Other shore", "Classmates".

Dmitry Mukhin

Evgeniy Ganelin

The Actor was born in 1959. He Graduated From LGITMiK. In films since 1985. The debut work of Evgenia Ganelina was the role in the film "the Feat of Odessa". In this film he played a military. Subsequently, the actor viewers saw the image of a man in uniform. One of the most colorful characters Ganelin — George Lyubimov in the series "deadly force". The actor also played in the movie "the Dutch passage", "Buy a friend", "Wild happiness", "the owl".

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