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A Bold, vibrant theater and film actress, active participant of television projects Irina Grineva is known for its diverse images in more than 40 films and dozens of plays. Besides, she is the winner of several prestigious awards, a beautiful wife and a perfect mother.

Irina GrinevaThe early years

The Actress was born 6 February 1973 in the city of Kazan in the family of a retired Colonel and a failed actress. Irene's mother wanted to be an actress, but she had to give up on a dream because of the opposition of relatives, and then for your family. Irina Grineva dreamed of becoming an actress from an early age. Not even knowing the name of the profession, she pointed to the TV screen and claimed that, as adults, be sure to get “there”. Dream girls largely contributed to a mother who took Irina on a theatrical production in the movie, she recited Shakespeare and Pushkin's poem.

The Girl was actively engaged in the ballet and was even noticed by the Commission of the Mariinsky theatre hotels in Kazan for the selection of young talents in the Academy of Russian ballet. But grandma Irene decided not to let go of his only granddaughter to St. Petersburg, leaving a career girl for many years.

Creative throwing

Reaching 16 years, the future actress Irina Grineva managed to escape from tenacious embraces of family ties and went to enter the Moscow theatre school. Spending the night at the Kazan station, the girl tried to do to all universities at once, but the Commission stubbornly refused to give her the opportunity to realize a dream. Having Irina Grineva biographyFiasco and not wanting to go back to his hometown with nothing resistant Irina still passes the entrance exam in the Yaroslavl theatrical Institute. In parallel with her studies she is studying in the school of dramatic art Vasilyev on the course of expressive plastics, Taras.


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Participation in performances

1993 saw Irina's first theatrical job in the play "hopscotch", where she played the role of Magicians, which has been awarded “Best debut”.

Five years Later the actress took the troupe of the Stanislavsky at the Moscow theatre, where it played the role of Olivia ("twelfth night"), Marina Mnishek (“Boris Godunov"), Nina ("Masquerade"), Ophelia (“hamlet”), Dashi (“the One and the light”). Irina Grineva biography which moves to a new level of creativity gets a chance to prove to everyone that I was not mistaken in the choice of profession.

Movie Roles

A Brilliant debut at the theatre opens talented actress the way in Russian cinema. In 1998 Irina invited to the role of Ludmila in the series “Intruders”. Brilliantly played the role of the second plan promotes her acting career. Two years later she was offered a role in a dramatic ribbon of Vladimir Fokin “home to the rich”, where she plays Anna Kazimirovna. Get your extraordinary talent prize “Kinoshock” XI festival devoted the filmography of Irina GrinevaCinema of the CIS countries and Baltic States, and then the prize “Seagull" and the title of the most seductive woman, Irina Grineva becoming recognized aspiring movie star and gets one role after another. Fame actress brings the film “Always always say”, where she plays the role of stylish and a little bit bitchy Secretary Darya. The series becomes the most important project in the career of Irina, her popularity is growing, and filmography updated drama “the Shield of Minerva” in which she plays the role of Diana, the popular TV series “My personal enemy" (the famous image of the presenter) and the main role in a TV movie “Snap”. The diversity of embodied images, full efficiency, perseverance distinguish Irina from the other Actresses. It with equal success to cope with any role – Comedy, drama, crime, and the number of its fans grows on the eyes.

Participation in films

Filmography of Irina Grineva has currently about 40 films, and Irina is the unofficial title of the most reliable Actresses. Consider the chronology of her involvement in the films:

  • “the Pretender" (Folk);
  • «home to the rich" (Anna Kazimirovna);
  • “Goodbye, Dr. Freud!” (Mariasha);
  • ‘Always always say" (Daria);
  • “Illusion of dreams" (LEL);
  • “Station” (Jeanne);
  • “My personal enemy" (TV presenter Victoria Terekhina);
  • “Snap” (Maria Dolgova);actress Irina Grineva
  • “I remain" (Julia);
  • «Year of the Golden Fish" (Lada);
  • “Sad Queen of hearts" (Karina);
  • “the Holiday of love" (Eugene);
  • “Touch the sky" (Ty);
  • “Moore. Third Front" (Actress Marina Flerova);
  • “Mom reluctant" (Tatiana);
  • “After school" (Ulyana);
  • “Thursday, 12-e” (Julia);
  • “In one breath" (Marina).

Presents the list – not the entire filmography of Irina Grineva. Creative roles Actresses are diverse – from the role of a sad romantic girl, spectacular, brilliant fine lady. No wonder her work has received numerous prestigious awards.

Active actress, appearing in numerous films, manages to participate in other projects such as "Two Stars", where she amazed the audience with her musical talent paired with Grigory Leps. Irina Grineva – also known French model famous fashion houses and designer dresses in the style of 50-ies. One can only wonder and wait, in what other sphere of the manifest talent of its multi-faceted nature.


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