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Some sophisticated connoisseurs of music prefer CD-ROMs, vinyl records. Why? This is a question for the musical gourmet. But the device for playback of these records is extremely entertaining. About gramophones, probably, everyone has heard of, but the word "gramophone" many causes resentment and the absolute lack of understanding. Gramophone - what is it?

What is a gramophone?

The Man speaking on the record player, so usually denotes a portable version of the gramophone, which got its name from the French firm "pate". It in Soviet times imported these devices into the Country of the Soviets. The machine existed in order to play vinyl records. Mobility this version of the player ensured that it was configured as a suitcase with handle, enabling you to carry it easily. gramophone's

History of phonograph

According to historical sources, to automate music playback tried in the XI-th century in ancient Persia – was on working due to hydraulic forces invented by scientists-Banu Musa brothers. After some time, these same brothers invented a mechanical flute is able to produce sounds without the participation of the musician. Accurate description of the mechanism of this invention has not reached our days.

Since then there have been many attempts to create such a device that can produce sounds without a special help of human hands. The most successful was the attempt by Thomas Edison in 1877 invented the phonograph. It was a completely imperfect device that gives a bad sound quality, and the plate on which it was recorded, was short-lived.


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The Sound was recorded on a wax cylinder with a thin metal needle that could not provide good quality playback. Despite all these shortcomings, it was a real breakthrough. Since then a huge number of different configurations of the phonograph, which was successfully used until the thirties of the twentieth century.

how much is the gramophone

The First gramophones were massive and impractical. Due to the lack of volume control listen to music in small spaces was dangerous due to the large volume of the reproduced sound.

The first phonograph appeared in 1907 thanks to one employee of the factory "Utes" which encouraged the mouthpiece of the phonograph to move inside the case that provided small. In the mass production of portable gramophones allowed firm DEKKA in 1913.

The Word “gramophone” in the Soviet Union misused. You can often hear that the phonograph-a portable version of the gramophone, but the main problem of this statement lies in the fact that these devices have different working principle. Speaking about what usually people think when the word “gramophone”, we are really talking about a portable gramophone. The principle of operation was taken from the gramophone, and the appearance-of the device, whose name was borrowed.

The Large factories that produced this product on the territory of the USSR:

  • “Hammer” in Vyatskiye Polyany.
  • Moscow gramophone factory.
  • Leningrad factory of gramophone
  • Leningrad plant “Gramplasttrest”.
  • Kolomna gramophone factory.

Over time, the phonographs and gramophones began to be replaced by more modern things, no.

Device gramophone

Inside the record player is a mechanism with a spring, responsible for rotation of the substrate for the plates. Amp was the bell, hidden inside the case. The pickup consisted of a membrane, the vibrations of which transmitted sound and the needle. Membrane and was conductor of sound in the bell. The sound comes out from the hole under the metal Phono cartridge. The engine had a centrifugal speed controller; one plant enough for playing one side of the plate, at least – of the two parties.

How to use a gramophone?

It is Important to understand that the gramophone and the gramophone – not one and the same, so it is impossible to play a gramophone record on the gramophone, and Vice versa. Plates should always be cleaned from dust, because dust interferes with the pure sound of records. It is also recommended to replace the needle after every listening, because the blunt needle may leave scratches on the disc, which inevitably leads to "cod", where you can see the vinyl record.

phonograph music

A Needle in any case should not be set perpendicular to the plate – connoisseurs believe that the benchmark will be a deviation of 45-50 degrees, but it depends solely on the player model. Not extra is the smoothness of the tonearm – if folded to his push, he needs to give in and move. The weight of the tonearm also plays a role in reproduction, because too heavy an element may provide increased pressure to the plate that will distort the sound.

Are So similar, but so different

People are often unable immediately to say what is the difference between a gramophone from the gramophone. The main difference is in the method of playing records. Any gramophone records play from the edge to the center, while the gramophone records – conversely – from the center to the edge. There are also differences in the method of recording directly records.

gramophone gramophone

The Average price of gramophone

How is the gramophone – it's a moot point. Currently, the average price can vary depending on numerous factors: the country of origin, year, condition. Online shops specializing on these music players, can greatly inflate the price, and you can save some money if you buy such vintage rarities on platforms that offer ads directly from live sellers, which besides it is possible to negotiate a discount.

old gramophone

Buying an old record player with all accessories can really hit the budget of the average citizen. The average price for the device is twenty thousand rubles, the same amount you can dial a variety of records.

If you want to sell a device, how much is a gramophone, it will depend on you, the condition of the gramophone and the presence of a solvent buyer, eager to purchase the device from you.

Under him we cried, loved and danced...

In the USSR gramophone was an integral part of various events: popular was dancing to the music being played on the gramophone. It was an indispensable attribute of every home, which is exhibited in a conspicuous place for all to see. About this device, there are plenty of poems, songs and books. Comes to mind the story "a gramophone rooster saved from death". In each work he plays a special role.

gramophone story

HiFi – is a device that widely used in the early twentieth century, and now inspiring awe in this film. And despite the fact that time goes on, technology becomes obsolete, the older generation will remember with great affection the days when in the local house of culture, they initiated a record, danced, fell in love and had fun under the sounds of the music of the gramophone.


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