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It is believed that art has no boundaries. Nevertheless, the people decided to separate artists by genre, which can be quite easy to get confused, because the boundaries of conventional styles. Today we will talk about one of the main directions in painting - impressionism.

The Emergence of impressionism

Impressionism as a genre of art emerged in France in the 1870s, the Emergence of this style was the creation of a Monet painting "Impression. Sunrise" (1872). One journalist called the artist an impressionist, but with a negative meaning. But soon this was forgotten, and the picture gave rise to a new genre.

paintings by contemporary impressionist

In 1874, his first individual exhibition was held by the artists impressionist. The paintings displayed on it, has been criticized for the lack of a sense of looseness and bad drawing. However, artists did not stop and continued to organize such events, declaring their art.

Impressionism was a purely French phenomenon. Artists from other countries were able to adopt some of the features, but not fully.

The first Impressionists departed from generally accepted standards and templates academic writing, thereby giving a huge impetus to the development of art. They are deeply engaged in the research of colors and new techniques of writing, that ultimately led us to today's diversity.

It Should be noted that impressionism heavily influenced and inspired by its novelty representatives and other areas of art: sculpture, music and literature.

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Impressionism focuses on the image and the impression it gives the viewer. Impressionist paintings often depict ordinary scenes of life: the chaos of the city or landscapes. Their work give viewers those fleeting impressions which they themselves experienced painters. Impressionism does not notice the problems or the negative, it shows only the positive aspects of life.


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Mostly the pictures you can see things like picnics, boating, dancing, tea parties, fun in the open air and other pleasures of life. People in pictures are not frozen, but moving, playing, laughing often portrayed by the Impressionists. The paintings allow us to plunge into the living reality of the past centuries, to see what the situation was surrounded by people of the XIX century.

Characteristics of impressionist paintings

The Talent of reflection on the canvas momentalno first impression is the main feature of all artists. They always worked with nature, without any sketches, catching and passing the General mood. Impressionist paintings do not carry deeper meaning or hidden content, they depict everyday life, but not just, and masterful. When you look at these paintings the viewer once there is a certain thought or emotion, which remains for some time after viewing.

A Special style of writing developed by the Impressionists. Paintings of them often are fuzzy lines and individual strokes of primary colors. The fact that they passed all the colors of the standard set of colors, skillfully putting strokes. Great attention in the papers they gave to the play of light, sunlight and shadows, trying to create a contrast. Indicative in this respect can serve as a picture of O. Renoir "ball at the Moulin de La Galette" (1876).

impressionist paintings photo

The Great Impressionists of the past

Since the inception of the course there were many artists who worked in the impressionist style, but the really great can name quite a few. Thus, the most famous Impressionists painters is Monet, Renoir, A. Sisley and C. Pissarro. In General, impressionism as the movement was especially popular in the late nineteenth century, it was then created a true master.

This is a direction in painting was the beginning, the inspiration for other famous artists - V. van Gogh, P. Cezanne, P. Gauguin. These artists became the founders of post-impressionism, which made its goal the rejection of the image of real life, the transition to the image of its foundations.

Modern Impressionists

Do Not think that the direction has ceased to exist after its heyday. Still there are artists who for his work choose impressionism.

Paintings by contemporary impressionist paintings are not less admirable than the paintings of the past. To date, many masters works in this genre, but which of them is most worthy of this title, only time will tell. However, there are few artists canvases positioned as impressionist paintings. Photos of their work are presented below.

Take, for example, an artist named Kent R. Wallis (Kent R. Wallis). His paintings feature bright, saturated colors with which he creates spectacular landscapes.

impressionist paintings

Also fascinating paintings of the artist I. J. Paproski (E. J. Paprocki).

 impressionist painting

In his paintings of flowers, leaves and other small elements are very realistic, while the rest of the background is executed strokes. This allows him to convey the beauty of the details and at the same time, the overall first impressions, characteristic of impressionism.

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