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Quality holidays in Turkey depends on the status of the hotel. It is in Arkhipo-Osipovka people go for the beach. There or at Noumea. And Turkey – for the beach, the beach, comfortable rooms, delicious food according to the concept of «All inclusive», animation, and rousing entertainment. And almost all of it completely depends on the hotel. You can live in a small “Troika” and come in the room ‘forwards’ to slake the hunger in cafes on the waterfront. But if you want to relax without worries, choose this hotel just for five stars. In this article, we characterize one of them - the Voyage Belek Golf & Spa 5*.

Your description we have built largely on the reviews of tourists. In Turkey many hotels have a distinct focus. There are so-called rave of the hotel, where the emphasis is on animation and youth entertainment. There are hotels for sports lovers and Spa treatments. As you might guess from the name, our hotel is just assigned to this category. But she also has another specificity. It – the maximum number of services for children, including for babies.Voyage Belek


Where else can be a hotel named as the Voyage Belek in Belek not? This resort is young and dynamic. He is famous as the place of youth. But for the guests of “Voyage Belek” all the conditions for peace, tranquility, stay in languid bliss. The hotel is out of town and on its outskirts. More precisely, two kilometers from Belek. This distance is called the optimal feedback. You can slowly stroll barefoot on the edge of the sea or the promenade. After half an hour you'll be in the historical center of Belek. “Voyage Belek” hotel, first line. It has its own beach, to which we will devote more information below. Many tourists want to know how much time you need to get to your resort from the airport. From Antalya, where are the air gateway to all the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, Belek is less than an hour. After all, both cities are only forty miles.


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The grounds of the hotel

The Voyage Belek belongs to the hotel chain “Voyage”. The hotel was built in 2007 on the concept of “luxury”. For the development of the vast area of ninety-three and a half thousand square meters were involved in the best landscape designers and architects of Turkey. Turned the garden of Eden, which will fit the pools, dining, Golf courses, as well as the actual hotel building. Of these last there are several types.

First, three buildings of five, six, and seven stories – for those who love to live in high-rise buildings of hotel type. Tourists who want to relax from their own kind, can be accommodated in bungalows. Six little two-storey houses. Those who has money but has no desire to tolerate at least some neighbors, can rent a duplex Villa. These Islands luxury holiday called “Laguna duplex” for some. Their guests can use the entire infrastructure of the hotel. The last renovation took place in 2014.Voyage Belek room description

The Number of rooms

At the same time 1175 guests can relax in hotel Voyage Belek. Description numbers traditionally start with their classification. So, the simplest category of rooms at the hotel “Voyage Belek” is “standard”. These rooms are located in buildings and bungalows. The only difference between them is square. In a Bungalow it is more – 37 square meters, up from 32. And content are the same. The above category is “standard room sea view”. These rooms are located in the main building and as you can see from the title, with their balconies overlooking the sea. For families of four there are “family room”. These rooms consist of two bedrooms separated by a connecting door. They are in the main building and bungalows. The area they have the same – 40 square meters.

Recommendations for choosing a room here in favour of the main building. Of these rooms have sea views, and bungalows – only a garden. The higher the category is “Deluxe” (60 m sq). And the most luxurious – “king Suite”. The hotel the last two categories have privileges of VIP-guests, which we describe later. A group of 4-6 adults and two children can rent two-storey Villa. “Laguna duplex” - the real pride of the hotel. And now we will talk about filling rooms.Voyage Belek Golf & Spa 5

What's in the rooms?

The Horizons of ideas about how it should look like a five star hotel, you will undoubtedly expand, the moment you get to “standard” of the hotel Voyage Belek. A flat-screen TV a variety of channels, including three Russian. The temperature in the bedroom watching a split system climate control. Mini-bar with daily replenishment, electronic safe, a set for preparing hot drinks and a balcony complement the interior. In the bathroom not only has a Hairdryer amenities, and bathrobes and Slippers.

Standard room can accommodate a third person and because it is in his rollaway bed. In “Deluxe” the situation is even more luxurious. Instead of a balcony-a spacious terrace with a Jacuzzi and two lounge chairs under a beach umbrella. In the bedroom, in addition to TV, there is still a player (CD and DVD) home cinema. The bathroom has a shower and another Jacuzzi. There is also a room ‘Deluxe connection room” with two terraces and two bedrooms. It has a living room with furniture. In "Royal Suite" to all this splendor is added the fully equipped kitchen and dining area.


On the ground floor “Lagoon duplex” at hotel Voyage Belek is a living room, one bedroom, toilet and Roman shower with rain effect. On the second level there is another room for sleeping, dressing room, Jacuzzi and toilet. The Villa offers a terrace with sun loungers and a parasol. The inhabitants of this island of luxury have direct access to the pool.Voyage Belek food

What are the VIP services?

What advantages have the inhabitants of the superior rooms in front of other guests of the hotel Voyage Belek? Service for VIP-guests careful attention to detail and begins literally from the moment of arrival. Such tourists are greeted with flowers, they occupy room in the queue and the worker of Department,. escorted them to the door of the apartment. Upon arrival in the room and delivered a bottle of wine. And each day visitors bring fresh fruit, Newspapers, towels for the beach and from 17 to 18 hours - sweet cakes for tea.

Be entitled to extra service – training rooms to sleep. Mini-bar is replenished in these apartments is better than usual. Guests can not only refresh themselves with soft drinks, but also to regale on chocolate milk, try raki, whiskey, gin etc. a Special attitude to the guests is evident even in beauty supplies. They are branded from “Hugo boss”. On request, Breakfast is served directly in the room.Voyage Belek reviews

The Voyage Belek Hotel: meals

Many people know how to feed in Turkey under the program «All inclusive”. But in a five star hotel “Voyage Belek” a concept “Ultra all inclusive”. And this means that the power is there-on the highest level. First of all the reviews misleading of the competent division of infrastructure of the hotel into two zones-adult and family. The hotel has two main restaurants (buffet). But one of them entrance for persons under 16 years of age ordered. But in the second there is a whole Department for the younger guests. Children can choose meals – just like adults. In five-star hotels are required to attend the restaurants a La carte. And in “Voyage Belek” these – eight pieces! Five of them – is free for guests. This Mexican restaurants (“Gracias”), fish (“Dip”), Turkish ("Kebab"), Greek ("ELA ELA") and Thai ("Thai Tea”) cuisines. For a visit to three restaurants a La carte will have to pay. They can savour Japanese ("Yaki-Yaki”) and Italian (“Manama”) cuisines as well as enjoy well-done or rare (your choice) steak in the Steak House.

Reviews diet

The Restaurants – this is not the only food service establishments available for guests Voyage Belek. Turkey is famous for its cakes gozleme, and eat them in a special tent. Also, the reviews report that elsewhere in the territory are trays-refrigerator with refreshing drinks and ice cream. Lovers of a healthy snack welcome to the “Fruit house”. And for those who like to drink something stronger, work as many as 14 bars.

't want to leave the pool or the beach for lunch? You can eat in one of the three restaurants-bistro. For lovers of coffee and delicious Turkish pastries and sweets there is “patisserie" (shop). The snack bar is open 24 hours a day, which is convenient for those who come very late or leave too early. In General, the food of the guests formed a very positive opinion. The food is very...

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