What language is spoken in Canada: English or French?


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Canada – a country in North America, bringing together different cultures and languages. On its territory the country occupies the second place after Russia.

The urgency of the matter in the modern world

Every year come here not even thousands, but hundreds of thousands of travelers. Some of them are eager to get acquainted with the local culture and tradition, but someone needs to check on relatives. There are those who have decided to move here permanently.

What language do they speak in Canada? The answer to this one question, as a rule, interested in each of the above categories.

It So happened that English and French have the official status. Although it should be noted that the majority of the population is used to communicate only one of these languages.

Diversity of dialects of the great Northern country

what language do they speak in Canada“In Canada, speak English, and immediately many would say. And then you wonder: ‘Oh, maybe not, if there and French is also popular”. In fact, this whole thing. The country is huge, it is inhabited by completely different people, and therefore there is nothing surprising in the fact that languages there can be multiple.

The Inhabitants of many regions of Canada use mainly English, representing a mixture of American and British pronunciation. Often ordinary words from the British dialect can be unintelligible for Americans. And some terms are pronounced by English-speaking population with a characteristic of the American accent. In the provinces of the Atlantic coast in the speech used several types of English accents. Linguists believe that this is historically. In the past fishing and hunting communities of the region led an isolated life and had virtually no communication with other settlements.


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In Montreal and Vancouver, where many migrants from China, you can often hear Chinese conversation. Canadians who are fluent in English are exempt from taking exams in French. Despite this, most study it independently because of the need for business communication or personal motives. In Canada, many foreign languages have priority in the study. Especially popular with Spanish and German. It turns out that a simple answer to the question of what language is spoken in Canada, even harder than first thought.

Local Features of bilingualism

CanadaToday the number of Francophones has exceeded seven million people, representing almost a quarter of the total population. A special place is Quebec, where preference is given to the French language, and whose residents for a long time trying to give it the status of principal. And this desire is so great that in recent times at the homes of local residents may notice a few changed the country's flag, combining canadian and French.

To the French-speaking regions also includes the North-Eastern lands from lake Ontario, the area around the city of Winnipeg and a part of the Metropolitan area near Ottawa. Ie it turns out that in Canada speak French a large portion of the population.

Bilingualism in Canada originates with the historic ties between Britain and France, who fought for the colonization of these places. Both languages were simply need vendors for the development of market relations. Interestingly, bilingualism is more common in those provinces where French-speaking residents. What is interesting is that all Canadians must be proficient in spoken English, but English-speaking citizens need not learn French.

Rules for immigrants

in Canada speak French“the language they speak in Canada? What to study first?” - these issues are more important for those who decided to move to Canada for permanent residence. And no wonder, because once there, you will need not only to communicate with the local population, and providing in the material sense of yourself and your family members.

Officially recognized in Canada bilingualism, but only more than 15% can communicate in two languages. The government is making all efforts to develop bilingualism.

  • Record keeping is conducted in two languages.
  • Civil Servants and members of the media must be able to communicate in the official language.
  • Many anglophones prefer to choose for their children schools, where teaching subjects are English and French.

Most migrants coming for permanent residence in the Francophone areas of Canada, can face when dealing with the misunderstanding. The classic French, which is taught in Russia is significantly different from the local.

It's the language barrier at first, difficult to overcome without the knowledge of English. Many have to learn French again. And for this purpose all conditions are created. Further development of bilingualism has a great potential and gives you more possibilities.

It turns Out that the question of what language is spoken in Canada, in principle, is not quite correct. It would be better to ask about what languages you need to own to feel comfortable in this country. Yes, that's right, originally in the plural, otherwise just will not work.

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