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How to re-register the car? To do it is easy. Especially if to behave correctly. The main problem is that the renewal can be done in different ways. For example, with the method of transfer of the property to another owner. This is an extremely important caveat. Below, you will learn about how to change the owner of the vehicle under any circumstances. In fact, a similar problem did not cause any significant problems.

How to renew car

Methods of property transfer

How to re-register the car in another person? Such an operation is called a change of ownership of the vehicle. It is carried out different methods.

Today it is possible to transfer car to another person in such transactions:

  • The gift;
  • Obtaining by inheritance (by will or by law);
  • Through the deal on the exchange;
  • Buying on credit;
  • Through the sale of the property.

These options will be discussed later. In addition, you can re-register the machine by way of General power of attorney, but such alignment is not affected. It does not change the owner, but merely allows another citizen to perform certain actions on behalf of the owner of the vehicle.

Briefly about the transfer of ownership

How to re-register the car without the sale? This can be done by gift, exchange or inheritance of movable property. But what to do under those circumstances?

"public Services" and the re-registration of cars

Let's Start with some brief instructions. It helps to navigate the procedure for re-registration irrespective of the reasons of the operation.

Step by Step study process looks like this:

  1. Gather the documentation necessary to accomplish the task.
  2. Drafting of the contract in the prescribed form.
  3. Signing the agreement on change of ownership. This procedure is carried out in different ways. For example, at the notary or without proxies.

Important: in case of transactions involving the payment of property the final step will be the transfer of funds for the procedure. Only then you can go to the registering authority for setting the car on accounting in traffic police in his own name.

Registration agreement

To Renew the car without a car is possible, but this is an extremely rare scenario. It is recommended not to resort to it. But more on that later.

Do I Need somehow to register the agreement on transfer of movable property into the property of other citizens? Ideally - no. The agreement of sale machines do not provide for mandatory state registration. However, it is best to contact the authorized person at the conclusion of the transaction. This technique will protect the entire operation.


Calculation and payment of sick leave

Calculation and payment of sick leave

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Employee certification for compliance with the post: purpose, procedure, result

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Registration of vehicle: procedure, sample application, certificate

Registration of vehicle: procedure, sample application, certificate

Every person who buys a car needs to do its registration in the traffic police. It is necessary when purchasing new or used cars, as well as no matter whether the seller of natural persons or legal entities. Check the vehicle is in the traffic police...

Where the operation

Is it Possible to buy the car of a relative? Yes, and make proposed different methods. Each method of acquisition of property rights includes the features. They will be described later.

For starters, in what areas does the re-registration of the vehicle. If we talk about the conclusion of contracts of different type, they can be signed independently. When applying for the registration of the agreement (at the request of the parties) should contact:

  • IFC;
  • A notary.

Where to renew car after obtaining rights to the object? To do this is offered in different organs. For example:

  • Ired;
  • Traffic;
  • Multifunction centre

In addition, a person can easily submit a request in the prescribed form by reference to Internet technologies. In Russia there is a portal called "public Services". It helps to register a car in the traffic police to remove the vehicle from the register if necessary.

Choice of services in ESIA "public Services"

Vehicle Donation

How to re-register the vehicle without a car? For example, you can assign the property by donation.

Donations are made during the life of the former owner. Through these papers cannot transfer ownership of the property free of charge. A citizen is able to make a donation to any person. Recipients are most often relatives.

Important: upon transfer by gift close relatives do not pay tax on the income of individuals. the Rest of the citizens will be faced with mandatory taxation.

How to renew car by gift? To do this, you will need to bring:

  • The deed of gift;
  • Passports of the parties;
  • The recipient agrees to the acceptance of the gift;
  • Title of the paper on the property;
  • Title;
  • CCC;
  • Insurance policy.

This should be enough. After collecting the papers have to pay for notary services and sign the agreement on the donation. From that moment the rights to the property will be transferred to the recipient. The donee will contact the traffic police and to put the TC on the account in their name.

Important: likewise, the transfer of property by exchange. Only in this case will be useful to the agreement on the exchange.

Inheritance by the law of bases of the legislation

How to re-register the car without the sale? The following scenario is a receipt of ownership through inheritance. Consider the order of actions when makingof inheritance by law. Such a scenario gives a lot of trouble. Especially if the potential recipients of the property several.

The inheritance will have to wait until the death of the owner of the vehicle. Next is the opening of the inheritance and waiting for a response from the heirs regarding the solution of receiving/refusal of the position of the lobes of wealth. This is given 6 months. If a citizen is "silent" more of the allotted time, it is believed that he refused to share.

Important: the inheritance by law is given the priority of heirs and only among relatives. In the first place all the property of the deceased is distributed among:

  • Couple;
  • Children;
  • Parents.

If the heirs of the first stage abandon the property (or none at all), the property is offered to the grandparents, brothers and sisters. And so on. The farther the relationship, the lower the chance of obtaining property.

Important: in this case the machine will be divided between all the heirs of the recipient in equal shares. Therefore, the inheritance by law regarding movable property is almost nonexistent.

Re-registration by inheritance - introduction to law

How to re-register the car on another citizen by inheritance by law? The person will need to agree to the acceptance of the inheritance after the death of the testator. Then the recipient of the certificate of acceptance of property. And only after carried out re-registration in the traffic police.

For more ownership by law, you must go to the notary at the place of opening the inheritance (the entire or the most part). For the applicant need to have:

  • Acceptance of the inheritance;
  • Death certificate of the former owner;
  • CCC;
  • Title auto;
  • A car insurance policy (if any);
  • The documents indicate the relationship with the citizen;
  • ID.

This should be enough. After the presentation of the relevant securities, the applicant receives a notarized certificate of acceptance of the machine in the inheritance by law. It will come in handy in the future.

Important: a certificate in the prescribed form issue after 6 months from the date of opening of the inheritance.


To Renew the car without a car is possible by transfer of property by will. This is another variant of development of events. It allows you to distribute the property during life, but rights are issued only after the death of the testator.

In contrast to inheritance by law, the recipients of wealth in the testamentary paper can be any citizens. Relatives, organizations, or third parties - is not important. Main – to indicate them in the document.

Important: it is advisable to specify in the will what portion of ownership and to whom it is intended. Usually in the case of cars, just register TC, after death goes to a particular heir.

When you inherit under the will of the people will pay the fee for the surgery. Close relatives transfer of 0.3% of project cost, and the rest 0,5-0,6%.

Important: the preparation of a will during the lifetime of the testator provides for the payment document. On average, notary services will cost 2,000 rubles.

Making a will

How to re-register the vehicle under the will? First you want to create a testamentary paper. Entry into the inheritance is almost the same as the law. Only relative of the testator to prove unnecessary.

The last will and Testament provides for the provision by the owner of the car to the office, of such securities:

  • CCC;
  • Technical passport;
  • Legal papers on the property;
  • The last will and Testament, which spelled out the heirs;
  • The applicant's passport.

Important: the will to write better before a notary and several witnesses from the hand. So it will be almost impossible to appeal. For additional backup, you might want to bring a certificate from the doctor about the complete health of the testator at the time of registration of the securities.

Buying and selling

How to re-register the sale of the car? This transaction type is used very often. Sell new vehicle, and used. In any case, the action algorithm will be the same.

vehicle Registration in the traffic police

To conclude the purchase agreement required:

  • The contract of sale;
  • Technical passport of the car;
  • CTC (if any);
  • In-transit/temporary accommodation (for new vehicle);
  • A policy of automobile insurance (for used vehicle);
  • The title reference for the property (if you sell a used car);
  • Passports of the parties.

More may be required the following statement:

  • Certificate of marriage/divorce;
  • The consent of co-owner/spouse to the transaction;
  • Prenuptial agreement.

After signing the contract (preferably in the presence of a notary) there is a transfer of money to the seller. He, in turn, prepares the receipt for the funds. After this will only apply in the SAI.

the Contract of purchase and sale and other documents

Important: the seller of a used vehicle have to pay NDFL with the transaction. This is not required if:

  • Auto sold for less than purchased;
  • The transaction value is less than 250 000 rubles;
  • The property has been owned for more than 3 years.


How to re-register the vehicle on the citizen bylending? Usually this technique is used during the purchase of a new vehicle. Doing this, car traders and car dealers.

To cope with the task, the applicant needs to bring:

  • ID;
  • Income;
  • Documents indicating family status and benefits;
  • Work book;
  • Money.

The place is a credit agreement. The man gives out a repayment schedule and a copy of the loan agreement.

Visit the traffic police

It Now remains to re-register the vehicle in the traffic police. This service costs a maximum of 2850 rubles. Of them 2000 rubles worth of state rooms, 350 rubles - corrected title, 500 rubles - a new STS.

For an idea embodiment in life of the new vehicle owner will have to take the SAI or in the MFC:

  • Application for registration of the vehicle;
  • The contract of a particular type (certificate of transfer of rights to property);
  • The passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation;
  • Documentation for the machine (CCC, title, insurance);
  • Ticket duty paid.

The Supply of these securities involves the issuance of new documents for the car in the SAI. Happens the renewal of the vehicle to the applicant. The service is provided within 1 hour.

an Application of TS

Important: for surgery, ideally within 10 days. If you do not fall within a given period of time, to operate the machine to check the traffic police will be forbidden.

"public Services" to help

To re-Register the car and through the "public Services". To do this, the user will have to register in advance on the website and verify their identity.

Next sequence of actions is as follows:

  1. Go to "public Services" in the "Personal office" using your login and password.
  2. Go to the directory of services and find there in the "GAI" item "Registration".
  3. Select "re-registration of the vehicle." The inscription may differ, but the meaning will remain the same.
  4. Click on the "Get...".
  5. To Complete the application for resetting the vehicle on the account.
  6. Upload scans/photos of the previously listed references.
  7. Choose the traffic police, where you want to put the documents on the auto.
  8. Confirm the request process.
  9. To Pay the state duty for the operation. This option will be available after confirmation of the application.
  10. Come with previously listed securities to the registering authority at the appointed time and pick up new documentation on the vehicle.
application Form "the public"

Important: if you pay tax through the "public Services" to 01.01.2019 year, the citizen gets a discount of 30% on payments.

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