The car without documents - stolen or not?


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On various sites, ads and media, it is often possible to see the announcement “sell a car without documents”. Attractive aspect to these proposals is the price of the machine, which is much lower than that of similar units with a full set. What should be read in the subtext of these ads, and what are the implications of buying a car without papers?a car without papers

The First thought that appears in good citizen when it offers – car stolen. However, most often it is not. Typically, stolen cars are not sold in this way – too dangerous. Such machines have their own, proven and convoluted distribution channels. Then where to market the car without documents?

Very often there are situations when problems arise when “clearance” imported car. In such cases law enforcement authorities may seize documents, to ascertain the circumstances of the case. And “things” can be different – from problems with the paperwork at customs to detect illegal broken rooms. Therefore, a car without papers to officially sell will not happen. Of course, to restore the necessary documentation is possible, but only in the case of treatment of the present owner and due to a long litigation.buying a car without papers

Another case of the appearance on the market of the car without documents – elementary their loss. Of course, this is a very rare case, most often it is thought "maneuver" of the owner. Apparently, the case turned up to buy a car is the same brand, but a later year and the best condition. And some time ago the practice is – under the guise of “units” to the car through customs and baggage completely disassembled the car, which was later collected and sold on those documents that were supposedly “lost”. From a legal point of view – imported machine absolutely clean. But the old remained undocumented and sell it legally impossible, well, except for parts. The method, of course, well known to all, and yet – buying car without documents for parts, be careful, as some stolen cars also disassemble the parts, and it is likely to be among the suspects, if the car is registered in search.

buy a car without papersThe Only problem when you sell a car without documents for parts – the whole car is rarely buys, and one part can be sold for tens of years. Currently, however, there are many companies that produce buy a car without documents. Of course, if you make a simple calculation, we can see that selling parts individually would bring you more income, but when applying to these companies you get the money without waiting, although much less. Some of them promise to give you an envelope with the agreed amount in half an hour.

In General, car without documents – it is not necessarily criminal option may just be the wrong design in the best case or almost new car, assembled by craftsmen in the underground stations, with documents obtained through fraud. Experts say that none of these options is better not to use, overpay required amount and buy the normal, the legalized car!

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